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Parent Training Centers and Parenting is Heart Work {Review}

Parent Training Center and Parenting is Heart Work Review
Over the last two years I have come to really love the products produced by the National Biblical Parenting Centre.

Having a child diagnosed with ASD* has been both a challenge and a relief.  A challenge because no one wants to hear that their child is different.  A relief because now I can find resources to help Nathaniel overcome his particular challenges.

One of the issues we wrestle with is Anger.  We need real biblical tools to address the emotion of ANGER.  I did a little looking around the National Biblical Parenting Center website and discovered this page: Resources for Anger in Children and Helping Children Deal with Their Anger. In this article they pointed out the fact that anger is a heart issue.

One of the recommended resources in their article was: Parenting is Heart Work.  I was thrilled when offered the opportunity to read and review this book as I have found that all the resources I have from National Biblical Parenting Centre to be Biblically grounded and encouraging. This month the National Biblical Parenting Center have launched a new program to help churches to become Parent Training Centers.

Your Church Can become a Parent Training Center

One of the roles of the body of Christ is that of discipleship but what does this actually mean for you and I ? In today's society many parents are on their own and seeking help to raise their families for Christ.  The National Biblical Parenting Center aims to help churchs become Parent Training Centers.

Learn more about becoming a Parent Training Center

  • Disciplining Parents small groups, live seminars which include the children and emails with support tips.  
  •  Embracing the Vision: following the command of Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples. Secondly it's about working out your faith in a practical way including in the area of your parenting, as parents you are the primary spiritual trainers of your homes but the church has a role in supporting parents.  Thirdly is about the heart.  God is concerned about the heart and the role of the church is to disciple parents to reach the hearts of their children. 
  • Assessing Your Church What is it that the parents within your church need? Do they need help in assessing the hearts of their children? Do they use behaviour modification or do they train the hearts of their children? Behaviour modification weakness the internal motivation in the hearts of our children and trains them to ask the wrong questions.  Questions like: "What's in it for me?"  and "What are you going to give me in exchange for doing what you are asking?" Training the heart is a whole new resource available in parenting children. Parenting the heart is what helps parents reach their children for the long term.
  • Organizing Well: What does this mean on a practical level for your church?  It means connecting with the National Biblical Parenting Center. The role of this center is to equip churches with practical ideas to disciple parents to parent successfully. Growing a team that will lead and disciple those in the church desiring to be disciples within your church. After nominating a leader and registering with NBPC they will receive all the tools and support information to successfully set up a Parenting Disciple program along with regular information and ideas and resources.
  • Planning Activities for Discipleship in practical terms this means that your church provides the framework within creating an environment where parents are given discipleship in reaching the hearts of their children. NBPC will provide practical ideas for the church to implement in order to create an environment where parents can connect with mentors, to connect with one another and to connect on a deeper level with the Word of God in order to find tools to mentor and parent their children.
  • It about Evaluating and Extending Outward and learning from your program in order to reach the larger community around your church. Your parenting community can become an outreach center. 
For more information on how your church can become a Parent Training Center by signing up to a Parent Training Center Equipping Program where your church will receive:
  1. One FREE Ministry Consultation
  2. Private Facebook support Group.
  3. Quarterly Parenting Training Webinars
  4. Biblical Parenting University
  5. Discounts on Ministry Consultations
  6. Mobilization Kit.
Children with strong wills have the potential to become the next generation of leaders buth they must learn how to follow too

Parenting is Heart Work

As I've read my bible I came across the story of Samuel as he is looking for a new king for Israel. The Lord says to Samuel:
"The LORD does not look at the things man looks at Man looks at the outward appearance but the LORD looks at the heart."  - 1 Samuel 16:7
I started asking the question: What does this mean for me personally? This one is fairly straight forward to answer. It's about evaluating myself, my motives and my attitudes and being renewed in the image of Christ. BUT...

What does this mean for me as a parent? I always admire parents who can look at what's happening with their children and speak to the heart of the issue.  For me though it's always been rather difficult to see clearly the situation before me with my own children.

I have always longed for a book that would speak about the heart of the issue in practical terms because the heart is what God looks at.  He is deeply concerned about my heart and the hearts of my children.  This book is about the heart.  It contains theology and practical insight that is worth it's weight in gold and all at my finger tips.

The LORD does not look at the things man looks at  Man looks at the outward     appearance but the LORD looks at the heart

Parenting is Heart Work is divided into four sections:

  • Part 1: Understanding the Heart A Heart Story From the Bible
    1. What is the Heart (Part 1)
    2. What is the Heart (Part 2)
    3. Will I or Won’t I?
    4. Do it Like You Mean it 
  • Part 2: Connecting With Your Child’s Heart A Heart Story From the Bible
    5. Emotions Have Feelings too
    6. Turn on Their Heart Lights
    7. Avoiding Congestive Heart Failure
    8. Making the Connection 
  • Part 3: Working Out Heart Change A Heart Story From the Bible
    9. Talking to Yourself
    10. Teaching Your Child’s Heart
    11. Meditation Management
    12. A Light on the Path to Change 
  • Part 4: Touching Your Child’s Heart A Heart Story From the Bible
    13. Constructive Correction
    14. Turn Around for Change
    15. Defibrillating for a Change
    16. Cross Your Heart 
  • Conclusion and Readers Guide
Did you know that there are more than 750 verses in the bible with the term heart in them?  As a parent it is my responsibility to sow into the hearts of my children.  Parenting is Heart Work is an answer to my hearts cry for a book that would open up my understanding of the issues of the heart along with practical advice and information on how to train the hearts and minds of my children.

I highly recommend this easy to read resource for your parenting support shelf.

Parenting Is Heart Work
NCBP has MP3 audio sessions covering 8 lessons from Parenting is Heart Work.  


  1. I love these resources. I would love it if my church would join this. Do you know of many churches in Australia that actually do this??

    1. I do too Ainsley. I am not personally aware of which churches do. I think the best would be to email the NBPC and ask them for a contact in Australia.


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