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Day 3 - Tibooburra ... {Part 1/2}

The morning of the third day felt quite surreal to me. I was pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming.  I have dreamed of this journey for a long time. Going through the photo album last night trying to whittle down the number of photo's to share brought back so many memories.

Due to our change of plans the day before the men had re-inflated the tire pressures so we could drive on the tar roads at the speed limits the evening before. We had an early breakfast and were back on the road towards Tibooburra.

Packsaddle Roadhouse Windmill
As we were driving along the road suddenly widened and we realised we were driving on one of the remote runways for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
  • Last year alone they flew 24,410,611 km around Australia giving assistance where ever it is needed.  That is the equivalent of 34 trips to the moon and back!
  • They were founded by Reverend John Flynn in 1928. In 1994 was added to the Australian $20 note to honour his work in founding the service. You can read a full breakdown of the different pictures on the note and what each of these represents on the FRDS website.
  • The RFDS is a not-for-profit organisation and is funded through fund raising and donations.
Royal Flying Doctor airstrip in the Outback

Tool Tree in the Outback

We were quite surprised to discover this tree at the end of the runway. It is located along the Silver City Highway and Henry Roberts Road intersection (113 km south of Tibooburra / 223 km north of Broken Hill).
Baby Tool Tree Outback Australia

Tool Tree Outback Australia

On the road to Tibooburra

Tibooburra New South Wales

  • Tibooburra is 335 km north of Broken Hill in New South Wales. It is the gateway to the Sturt National Park and has a current population of 161. 
  • The name is derived from a local Aborigine language and is thought to mean 'heaps of rocks'. 
  • Often features on the news as the hottest town in NSW
  • Came into existence in October of 1881with the discover of gold by tanksinker John Thomson. 
  • Around 10,400 oz of gold has been taken from the fields here to Sydney.  
  • By 1902 Tibooburra had become known as "The Poor Man's Fields".
  • The roads to Tibooburra may be closed during or after periods of heavy rain. Call the NPWS office on (08) 8091 3308 for up-to-date road and weather information prior to commencing your journey. (Visitor Information)
Petrified tree Tibooburra

  • This tree is made of sedimentary rock (sandstone, shale, limestone) 
  • It looks squashed rather than round due to the pressure put on it during its petrification process.
  • The cell structure of the tree was preserved and made it possible to identify it as a gymnosperm or conifer. 
The Corner Drive-in at Tibooburra

Courthouse Museum Tibooburra New South Wales

  • The Courthouse Museum is looked after by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.  Entry to the museum is FREE and it is open to the public Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It is located next door to Sturt Visitor Centre Briscoe Street, Tibooburra NSW.
  • Law and order was originally the responsibility of six mounted troopers based at Milparinka. They had a 1,300 square kilometers in their care and Tibooburra was considered a lawless place.
  • A Sergeant and one trooper were permanently stationed here after the gold rush subsided.
  • In 1887 a permanent courthouse and police station was built.  It was designed by colonial architect James Barnett.
  • 1942 saw Tibooburra hit by a cyclone and the building damaged. 
  • The courthouse was used until 1978.
  • It was restored and opened to the public as a museum in 1998.
Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

A horse and camel packsaddle at the Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Medical Supplies Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Vet Medical Supplies Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Courthouse Museum Tibooburra

Pioneer Park Tibooburra New South Wales

Today was a special day too as it was my brothers birthday! He is a miracle baby and such a blessing to us all.  He is an absolute whizz with a personal computer.  He blessed me with my first computer and has taught me so many things too. He is also my personal pc doctor and is always so willing to help.  My mom snuck in a birthday cake and candle for him too.  It was so much fun to surprise him with my Dad for his birtday at morning tea time.

Happy Birthday Derek

  • Tibooburra Pioneer Park is at the end of Briscoe Street. It was opened in 1999.
  • It is dedicated to: The Aborginal Tribes, Explorers, Surveyors, Pastoralists and Gold Prospectors of the area. 
  • The center of the park is dominated by an upside down replica of a whaler. This is a replica of the boat that Charles Sturt brought with him on his expedition across Australia. The boat was a 30 foot, 12 oar whaler boat and was abandoned near Tibooburra. This replica was made by Anthony Hamilton.  He says: " ... My feeling is that basically it is a land of mirage, and that the inland sea was a fiction, (which) is why I am mounting the boat upside down, and up in the air, between four poles ... A lot of my work has despair and abandonment in it ... )  Shipwright Bill Porter of W.Porter and Sons was commissioned to reconstruct the whaler.
  • There is also a few pieces of original tools used in surrounds from the last 150 years along with some interesting information and original photographs on how these tools were used.  You can see:
    A Bore Head
    The Berryman Truck and powered loader - used to fill trucks with rocks and soil
    A pipe sample from the East Australian Pipeline - used to transport natural gas at 6200 kPa. These pipes run at 750 mm below ground (2 feet 6 inches)
    Tumbling Tommy Scoop - drawn by horses after land was ploughed in order to sink a dam
    Horse drawn plough - used to loosen subsoil
    Various tools
    an Engine
Replica of Sturts Whaler -Pioneer Park Tibooburra

Tumbling Tommy Scoop -Pioneer Park Tibooburra

Gas Pipe Sample -Pioneer Park Tibooburra

Pioneer Park Tibooburra

Murial at Tibooburra

It amazes me how much history there is to find in these small out of the way little towns.
So much to see and too little time. Until Wednesday with part two of Day 3.


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  1. Love all the information on this place. Your photos are wonderful and brings back memories. Love Dereks face and the cake a great surprise for him for sure.

    1. Thank you Mom :) It's been so much fun looking through my photo's and reliving these moments. Thank you so much for thinking ahead and putting a cake in for our morning tea time

  2. Chareen, I think you can check off science and history for the year as complete! Seriously! What an amazing trip you all had!


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