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Day 3 - Tibooburra to Innamincka 3 States in ONE day ... {Part 2/2}

Today is the continuation of Day 3 and our journey from Tibooburra to Innamincka. After exploring the town, the museum and enjoying morning tea at Pioneer Park it was time to resume our travels.  Shortly after departing Tibooburra we entered the Sturt National Park in NSW. We drove along The Dunes Scenic Drive towards Cameron's Corner.

Sturt National Park New South Wales

The Sturt National Park is a protected national park that is located in arid far north-western corner of New South Wales in eastern Australia.
  • The park is named after Charles Sturt (1795 - 1869) who was a British explorer of Australia.
  • It was established in 1972.
  • Covers an area of 340,000 hectares of semi-desert country.
  • Charles Sturt traveled throughout the Corner Country in 1845 during his expedition to look for an inland lake. 
  • The speed limit in this park is 60 km/h
  • The roads are closed in this park during wet weather.

Time to air-down Sturt National Park

Road Train in the Sturt National Park

Sturt National Park

Fly nets Sturt National Park

Time for lunch at Fort Grey Sturt National Park

Border Crossing between NSW and South Australia

Sturt National Park NSW

Entering South Australia

  • The entrance to South Australia from New South Wales is along the Dog Fence. 
  • The gate here is to be closed at all times. Leaving this gate open will get you a penalty of up to $1,000. 
  • The Dog Fence is still maintained today.  It's purpose is to keep the Dingo's out of the sheep country of NSW.
  • It stretches 5,614 kilometres (3,488 mi)
South Australia

South Australia border

South Australia / Queensland Border

The Corner Store Queensland

Cameron's Corner Store  is located 140 km west of Tibooburra and is located on the Queensland side of the Wild Dog Fence.
  • It is open seven days a week for meals, fuel and minor vehicle repairs
  • Air conditioned accommodation and camping is available with powered and un-powered sites. 
  • Pin your dollars to the pub roof as a donation to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The roof is cleared annually and all monies raised are donated to the RFDS.
  • Play a game of golf in three states in one day at the Tri-State Golf course ...
  • Celebrate New Years Eve three times in three time zones!
  • Contact the Corner store via email or call 08 8091 3872 
  • If you need to know what time it is in the state you are going to just look up on the wall.  We passed through so many states I gave up changing my watch and simply lived on Victorian time everywhere we went ...

Raising Funds at The Corner Store for the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales Clocks at the Corner Store Queensland

Cameron's Corner THREE STATES Meet

Cameron's Corner is the most remote location in Outback New South Wales and is also one of the busiest places with thousands of people passing this way on their travels. It was surveyed in 1880 by John Cameron.

Who was John Cameron

  • He was a surveyor for the New South Wales Lands Department
  • He led the first survey party along the NSW / Queensland border in 1879
  • The survey commenced on 2 September in 1879 from the border town on Barringun in NSW.
  • The survey was completed twelve months later.
  • He arrived at "the Corner" in September 1880
  • He erected a wooden boundary post with the inscription "LAT 29" and CAMERON upon it. This original post is on display at the National Parks and Wildlife Service office in Tibooburra.
  • Mr Cameron returned to Barringun and recommenced his survey in an easterly direction to the McIntyre River.
  • He reached the river in October 1881 and erected a one tonne wooden post on the bank of the river with the inscription - "J.CAMERON GS" upon it.
Tri State Gold Camerons Corner
L- Dad standing in Queensland
R - Nathaniel standing in New South Wales
Me I'm standing in South Australia

Nathaniel in New South Wales and I'm in South Australia

South Australia to Innamincka

One of the fun things about traveling around the Outback is seeing the novel things that the locals or visitors make along the side of the road.  We stopped to see 'Mr Bones' who was keeping an eye on everyone's movements.

Mr Bones along the road in South Australia

Pumping natural resources

Old Strzelecki Track New South Wales


We had planned to camp at Theldarpa today, this did not eventuate because when we entered South Australia there was a new sign saying no camping permitted along the route we had pre-planned for the day.  Due to this we continued our journey until we arrived in the late afternoon at Innamincka. Innamincka is 1,065 northeast of Adelaide and has a permanent population of 12 people.
Entering Innamincka

Arriving in Innamincka

Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek)
Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek)

Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek)
Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek)

Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek)
Three little boys watching the sunset in Outback Australia

We set up camp at Innamincka Town Common along Queerbidie Waterhole (Cooper Creek).  I am very excited about being here as this is close to where a lot of Australian history has happened (the tragedy of Burke and Wills).  I will be sharing more on this in the next few posts.

Derek has shared his thoughts on Day three of our trip  and my Dad will be sharing his thoughts over at his blog soon.


Day 3 Stats Packsaddle to Innamincka

  • Distance traveled - 530 Km 
  • Average speed - 55.7 km / hour
  • Total Time - 9 hours and 30 min
Packsaddle to Innamincka Map

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