Saturday, 19 September 2020

Grandparents Day

 Well I did know about Mother's Day and Father's Day but Grandparents Day is a new one to me! Did you know that Grandparents day is celebrated on Sunday 25 October 2020 in Australia? 

It is traditionally held on the last Sunday in October to celebrate the role of grandparents and older people in the our society.  It's to honour all the things they have done and the things they keep doing.

It is celebrated on the first Sunday in October in the United Kingdom, in September in the United States of America and in October in Italy. Currently twenty countries in the world celebrate the role of the elderly. 

Gray hair is a crown of splendor, it is attained in the way of righteousness - Proverbs 16:31

Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children Proverbs 17:6

Ideas to celebrate

  • Invite them over and cook a special meal.
  • Enjoy a special tea party with them.
  • Create a personalized photo gift for them.
  • Meet at a park and enjoy an afternoon tea with them.
  • Create a handmade card.
  • Share happy stories with your children of growing up with your parents.
  • Ask Grandparents to share happy memories of parening their children.
  • Spending unhurried time together is the best gift.

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What do you do to celebrate the older generation in your family?

Friday, 14 August 2020

Planning / Record Keeping Ideas for Homeschooling.

Homeschool record keeping and planning can be as complex or as simple as you would like it to be.  In today's digital saturated world there are many options available out there for you to use.  Today I will share a few ideas on planning and record keeping for your homeschool.

IF your government requires keeping records be sure to research and know what type of records they are requiring.  IF it is not a state requirement you need to ask yourself why are you keeping records?

The key to successfully keeping records is consistency.

KeptMe has been optimised for accross platform performance meaning it can be used on all your devices i.e. apple, android and pc. Best of all it's FREE! It is currently being used by many different schools in variouse countries around the world (including in the USA).  I highly recommend this app for it's ease of use and the beautiful report it produces in pdf for you to download and print should you ever require one.

Why do I like KeptMe?

  • I like that it is easy to use.  I simply snap a photo on my phone. Add it to KeptMe.  
  • I can easily select the template  I want to report and within that template ALL the information I need is at my finger tips.
  • It's a fabulous way to show friends and family who want to know what your children have been up to.
  • It's easy to use with multiple children in one family

 You can read more about KeptMe, see different report samples and how to use it in this post: Planning & Record Keeping {Homechool Review Crew Blog Hop 2017}

I used KeptMe when I was reviewed by the Victorian Government in 2018. 

Options to keep records?

  • Take photo's on your phone.  Move them to a folder for school on your phone or computer once a week.  Remember to photograph work, trips, workbooks, resource books and activities.
  • Once a work book is completed remove a few sample pages and file them for future record submissions if your State requires written samples.
  • Use Trello.
  • Open an instagram account and use photo's each day with a short written account of what you did.  IF you don't want it to be public make sure you set your account to private. 
  • Buy a diary and fill it in each day.
  • Use a Hey, Mama! planner from Schoolhouse Teachers. They have a wide selection available including homeschool planners, custom schedule builders, ready made calendars, printable info charts and AppleCore Record Keeping.
  • Research homeschool record keeping products on Homeschool Review Crew.
  • Start a private blog and keep records online.  
  • Use your digital calendar and keep records each day of what you accomplished.

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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Help How Do I Teach High School at Home?

 One of the most frequent questions I used to be asked as my children got older was:  "Are you going to homeschool through high school?"  Yes, definately.  Followed with "How are you going to teach...?

Homeschooling through the highschool years is often seen as something to dread or fear.  Today I would like to encourage you to overcome the fear of homeschooling in the Highschool Years and know that you can teach anything. The most important thing as your child's tutor to remember is that you can learn a new subject or skill alongside your student.

 Looking Back is there anything I would do differently ?

DON'T CHANGE A THING - if it is not broken don't try fix it! Learning does not change, once our children know how to learn it does not change.  However IF they are not ready for independence and we push them into it then it derails their journey.

What I now realise is that the high school years are no different to the primary years.  Take a deep breath and just keep doing what's working.  You know and they know what is working.  The method needs to remain the same but the content changes and becomes deeper.  Your student will discover in themselves the best environment for them to learn in and as home educators we can cater to their growing need.  Independent learning is not isolation.  Sending them to their rooms to learn is isolation and does not foster independence. For more thoughts on this read: Nurturing Independence in High School  


Resources to help you teach

  • Join your local Homeschool Co-op.  Remember Together Everyone Achieves More.  Some co-ops are formed specifically to teach things that can not be learned on your own and others are more informal to provide a platform of support.
  • Build a network of homeschool mom's from all walks of life.  Ask them for advice on how they teach a certain subject.  You will be surprised with the wealth of information available to you in these circles.
  • Find magazine articals written by veteran homeschoolers.  Three that I have often read are: Otherways is produced by the Home Education Network,  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine the trade magazine for homeschooling families and Keystone Magazine from the Home Education Foundation.
  • Invest in good video courses.  One of our favourite companies is The 101 Series.  So far we have enjoyed their Physics 101, Biology 101 and Chemistry 101. 
  • Look at investing in online teaching for the particular subject your student wants to take but you don't know how to teach.  For example: Visual Latin and Veritas Press.
  • Join some homeschooling forums or Facebook groups and ask questions there.  Remember though to take any advice as ideas. Pick and choose wisely what you take on board for your family.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. … Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” — Ecclesiastes 4:9,10,12

"Can I teach high school science?
As your student gets older, 
your role changes from 
teacher to fellow learner."

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