Sunday 12 June 2011

Teaching children to read .....

I started writing about my journey on this topic when after three hours I realized that I had written a very long essay ! So I have decided next week to do a 5 day series of posts called:

Some factors influencing learning to Read

This will not be about the different methods used to teach reading but rather about some of the factors that influence a students ability to learn to read.

I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you, the things that have shaped my philosophy about teaching children to read, and most importantly the things that have helped me relax and enjoy watching my students learn to read.

I am looking forward to hearing what you have all learned on your journeys in teaching reading to your students!

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  1. A journey of patience and understanding the little ones and how God does things in His time and not ours. Each child is so different. One might have difficulties and the other it just happens quickly and quitely and the best is to see the relization on their faces "I can acutally read". Watching my own children and then grandchildren has been a journey of admiration of the human mind and how GOd works in each one's lives teaching them through God's greatest gift to the child "Mothers" and yes at times their fathers too, but the most important teaching of a child is when you read the Bible and teach them to pray then all the other will fall into place.

  2. Chareen, your gift here to your precious rose buds is to keep a journal of all these writings on this blog and put them into a book one day for your granchildren and future generations to see the wonders of home schooling.

  3. Chareen
    I look forward to reading your discoveries:)

  4. I agree Mom. The beginning of all things is the Knowledge of the One who knows all and made all.

    Your words of encouragement to keep going are very much appreciated :-)

  5. Hello Erin and welcome to my blog :-)


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