Thursday 23 June 2011

Today we made a: Passport

I am so excited.  I have decided to do Expidition Earth: A Journey through God's World with Sir N over the next year. I will be doing this alongside Sonlight A with K readers 5 day program, We will officially be starting on Monday. New Zealand will be our first port of entry!

Free expansion packs and Samples

Passport to travel Expedition Earth!

Cover of Expedition Earth passport and real passport

Today we made a passport.  We took out our real New Zealand passports (Uruwhenuwa)  and had a look at them and talked about what we need when we travel from one country to another.

Next I went to 'quickly' make a cover, front page and second page on the pc ....  (Quickly turned into a two hour marathon, I'm out of practice with publisher) lesson learned don't attempt to do complex things when you only have a few min rather reschedule for the evening once little people are in bed..Erica does provide a page for you to make into your own by printing off bits and pieces but I wanted to make an all in one page to print and Nathaniel enjoyed finding the different letters on keyboard to type in his name and details

I have made a New Zealand Passport and an Australian Passport and Erica has given me permission to file share them here.  These  are in pdf. format and you can download and print them from my Google drive.

Our flag stamps and the ID page of N' passport

I am quite pleased with the end result :) What do you think ?


  1. Can I come along for the journey? It all looks so exciting!
    Looking forward to the journey.

  2. I just love this idea - thanks for sharing!

  3. You sure can join in the journey. We're on our way to New Zealand next week.

    Glad you like it Maryleen :)

  4. I love how you have done the New Zealand passport and would like a copy but unfortunately your link is not working. Is your offer still available?

    1. Hi Susan
      Thank you for letting me know that the links were no longer working. I have re-uploaded them for you to download.


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