Tuesday 7 June 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

I've been thinking over what to do with Tuesdays on my blog ? The word Tuesdays rhymes with so many words.  Just what could I use ???

As I pondered this question today. I thought about the beginnings of my blog. It started one day after I had chatted to my homeschool friend Jen.  We had been reminiscing about the days when we started on our homeschool journeys and some of the things we used to do together. I was thinking about how much I missed her and seeing what treasures she had unearthed when the idea for this blog was born.

Jen has been there since the beginning.  Together we researched, wrestled, flew with the eagles and plodded like donkey's at times on this journey of home education.  She has been my support and sometimes my anchor. 

One of my favourite things over the years was when Jen had been to the local library, she would often stop in for a cup of tea and bring in the box of books she had found.  If there was a treasure to find I guarantee Jen would find it.  I loved making lists from the books she would have found and then ordering them from my local library.  Jen was my lifesaver on many occasions as she would always know just which book I needed.  So my new friends I want to dedicate Tuesdays Treasures to my friend Jen !

Since we have been talking about art I thought about this treasure I discovered at my local library.

 From the back cover: "Five famous Italian Renaissance paintings come alive for Katie in this third adventure in the art gallery.  What makes the Mona Lisa smile? Katie wants to find out so she climbs into the Leonardo Da Vinci painting.  But the Mona Lisa is not really feeling very happy so Katie tries to cheer her ..... with disastrous results!"

The art work and story walk hand in hand keeping the young captivated.  The last page of the book contains a summary of the paintings in the book and a small write up of each famous painting used and the artist who painted it. With a note of where the real painting can be found today.  To have a sneak peak you can visit www.amazon.com

A few other titles in the series are:
  1. Katie and the Sunflowers
  2. Katie's picture Show
  3. Katie Meets the Impressionists
  4. Katie and the British Artists
  5. Katie and the Waterlily Pond
Do you have any beautiful picture books you have used for your homeschool ?

Chareen ♥


  1. Oooh "Katie" books, can I borrow them for my Katie sometime? Sarah :)

    1. I borrow this from the local library. Well worth requesting them Sarah. I'm considering seeing if they have them available on inter library loan :)


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