Monday 22 August 2011

A Prime Mover

The idea that vivifies teaching ... is that 'Education is a Science of Relations;' by which phrase we mean that children come into the world with a natural [appetite] for, and affinity with, all the material of knowledge;  -Charlotte Mason

The above quote has been on my mind for a while and one of my goals has been to get out at least once a month to explore and do with Sir N. The window of wonder and enjoyment for the simple pleasures of life is a very limited one with children and this too has been driving me to find things to do together. One of my frustrations is that a lot of things are really expensive to experience and we just simply can not afford to do them.

As I pondered the words "Education is a Science of Relations" I realised that there are a lot of people we know that work in a wide variety of fields out there. 

Our friends Mr & Mrs R are an example of this. M*** drives a Prime Mover here in Australia and part of his portfolio is that he drives interstate.  He has been driving prime movers for over thirty years and has some very interresting stories to tell. 
A few months ago he invited Sir N to see his prime mover with it's trailers and then yesterday we went over for lunch and M*** had brought his prime mover home for the weekend (without it's trailers) and Sir N was itching to take a second look.  M*** graciously opened her up and let Sir N climb in and explore.

Here is a photo story of Sir N's first encounter with M***'s truck and yesterdays explorations.  M*** generously and patiently answered all of our questions and helped us understand a little more about these huge trucks that keep our country moving along.  Thank you so much M*** and K**** we really enjoyed our visit yesterday.

A few things we found interresting:
  • Each tyre costs around AU $ 300
  • Prime Movers have Federal Interstate number plates
  • Interstate drivers have interstate truck licences.
  • The mud gaurds are over 1 metre high.
  • A prime mover weighs over 7 ton.
  • There are gauges for brakes, fuel, temperature for each axle, normal temperature, speed etc
  • There is a high demand for good drivers in Australia
  • Drivers can park their trailers for free at any truck stop.
  • Most truck companies do not allow drivers to have any passengers.
  • There is a bed for the driver behind his seat.
  • Truck drivers need to do a special course and get a special licence to be able to drive longer than a standard days driving. On this course they learn to recognise their signs of fatigue.
  • Drivers are responsible for tying down their own loads.
  • M***'s truck features in the K & S Freighters website.  Wonder if M*** knows ?
Who do you know that has an interresting job and would be willing to show your children the ropes or simply allow your children to explore their particular field ?



  1. When I was a child I loved trucks! Those are some great pictures!

  2. Thanks Carm I agree I loved trucks as a kid and they still interest me today although I do get a bit nervous of them when I am driving. I loved seeing the inside of this prim mover too.
    I am pleased you enjoyed the pictures.

  3. Just picking up your comment now.
    I'm going to come back and read this at a more reasonable hour of the day {-:
    Thanks for posting this link Chareen.


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