Wednesday 14 September 2011

Homeschooling Pre-Schoolers

I have a few friends that are starting homeschooling and some of them have children 5 years old and younger who would like to start and others have pre-schoolers who want to do school. I have been thinking about them all for a while and have been surfing the web and found some really great blogs offering wonderful free things for them to use at home.

Some of my friends ask what do you do with preschoolers when homeschooling older ones ?  To be honest I am not really qualified to answer this as I only had one preschooler when homeschooling older children and so I simply did school when he was sleeping.  I would be very keen to hear what you do with your preschoolers / tiny tots while you school your older children.

 Here is a list of what I have found so far 
(Click on the graphic or any blue links to have a look).

Tot School

Raising Rock Stars

Progressing to Pre- School

Kindy Level

Fun things to do together that cost next to nothing or with what you have at home:

What did I use ?

I didn't do any formal work with Sir N I simply enjoyed good books.  We have not read all the books in each of these packages and in fact I have them on the shelf and we are reading them this year as extra's for fun.  There are a few we have read over and over again.

Sonlight Core P 3/4
Sonlight Core P 4/5

What do you use with your preschoolers / Kindy age children ?  More importantly what do you do with the youngest children when homeschooling the older ones ?



  1. Chareen, when our children were very small, I would do school with the baby asleep on my lap and, as they got active, the day would revolve around the toddler's needs.

    Sometimes, we keep the littlest one busy with toys or we read aloud next to sandpit. At other times, we wait until he is asleep or the children might paint with a story CD on. I don't worry if things get disrupted because the baby stage is over so quickly and the older ones don't seem to suffer, in the long run. Usually, I think it works out by just going with the ebbs and the flows:)

  2. Thinking back now I remember letting Sir N play on the floor while we did school reading and he sat in the high chair and drew while we did written work.

    Thank you Vicky. I think too often we forget that the baby stage is so short especially when in the thick of having a busy baby :)


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