Monday 12 September 2011

Sustainability Expo

Yesterday Paul went to the local City Council Sustainability Expo at the local council offices as a Representative from the zoo that he works for. So Sir N and I decided to go for a visit and see what Daddy was doing and have a little look around. 

Firstly we had a look at the Melbourne Water display.  We pushed buttons to hear all sorts of frog calls and we learned that only the male frogs call when they feel safe.

On the other side they had a pond water display with all sorts of bugs for us to look at with magnifying glasses. They had a wonderful little book called: Australian Guide to Pond Life by Gould League I am really keen to see if our local library has a copy for us to look through.

Next we went indoors to find Daddy and all the wonderful animals Mark and him had brought along for the children to look at and touch.
This in Bonnie and she is a  Murray Darling Carpet Python 

This is Ned the Shingle Backed Lizard.

This is Colin the Ring Tailed Possum 

After a look and a touch we moved along to the Bunnings Alfalfa Sprouts head making table.

I am planning a photo essay on the seeds growing and how we made the head. A very easy at home project.

We had a look at a few other displays and finished off with being blessed with three native bush plants courtesy of the City Council.  I am planning to demolish the weed jungle in the garden bed out by my front door and enjoy these three plants: Fragrant Saltbush (Rhagodia Parabolica),  Blue Flax-Lily (Dianella Revoluta) and Austral Indigo (Indigofera Australis).

This was the first expo I have attended with Sir N. Have you been to any local expo's lately ? Do you have any suggestions of outings we could do together ?



  1. Our children would have loved this outing! We often go to the beach or on a nature walk and, occasionally, we go to a museum or the Botanical Gardens, in Sydney. We're not very adventurous, as there's a lot of children here, but I'm really hoping we'll be able to find more places to visit, now that the younger ones are getting bigger.

    I enjoyed reading about your outing, Chareen - it looked like a lot of fun:)

  2. It was a lot of fun. I didn't do this very often with my older two and to be honest I regret not doing it.
    I found out about it because Paul was going for work.

    The experience has encouraged me to find out more about the happenings around the place.

    I agree with you it is difficult to get out with little ones but once they are more mobile it does make it so much easier.

  3. looks like it was great fun - Abi would of loved it esp making the seed planter!

  4. It was loads of fun Anon. Keep an eye out I will be posting about making a seed planter.


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