Wednesday 28 September 2011

Unique Pets

Being married to a Nature Conservationist / Zoo Keeper has meant that we have had some rather interesting and unique pets in our home.

I would like to introduce you to my unique pet:

This is one of my three Hermit Crabs. We had a rather interesting week this week in that he decided to move homes and occupy a new shell. In the midst of this transition one of his flat mates got into an argument with him and evicted him! So we had the privilege of seeing a naked hermit crab. This is a very rare thing to witness as they are rather attached to their shells.

Pet shops advertise these little critters as easy to care for (and they are after you get their home set up correctly) so in haste I purchased four and brought them home only to discover they have some very unique environmental needs.  So my cheap pets ended up costing a lot more than I had originally budgeted for.

** Lesson learned :  Research BEFORE you purchase and bring home a unique pet!**

For more information on Hermit Crabs:
Although having pets adds dramatically to your work load at home and also means that you are checking on your children making sure that they are keeping up with the care of their individual pets I feel that they are a very valuable addition to any home.  The care of pets adds many wonderful life skills to any child be they home schooled or not. 

Pets provide learning support for your children, comfort and reduce loneliness,  they help add routine and structure to your day as well as reduce stress. There are many physical and emotional benefits to the child and the family in owning a pet.

Do you have any unique pets in your home ?  If so what are they ?
If you decided against having pets what were your reasons ?


PS:  At present we have a dog whose favourite toy is a golf ball, a cat who runs the house (or so she thinks), two tropical fish tanks containing: neon tetras, bristle nosed catfish who are so happy they are breeding like rabbits, clown loaches, electric yellows, African mono's, flying foxes, redtailed shark, sword tail, Kribensis, and an aviary in the backyard with breeding pairs of  Gouldian Finches and Orange Breasted Waxbills, a fish pond in the yard with goldfish ,  a Redfin Fish in another container and some fresh water crayfish, and last but not least some Spiny Leaf Insects which are living in a glass enclosure in the dining room. We have had frogs in the past. We had a pet rabbit who sadly died earlier this year but we are looking at getting a new one later next year. My family did want a snake but I gave them the following choice:  Mom or the snake ?  You guessed right I do NOT like snakes. 

I think I will dig out some photo's and show you some of our unique pets from day gone by.


  1. Margaret O'Callaghan29 September 2011 at 09:04

    Pets no not here Joel and Lydia would love some or even one but because Dad is unsure if our living this side of the tasman is permanent then he does not want any until that decsion is made so we don;t get attatched and then have to give them up if we move back to NZ.

  2. Hello Margaret. I so know what you mean. Moving and leaving a pet behind can be very traumatic. Good call. Although you can take dogs and cats accross the Tasmin. It's a lot easier from NZ to here than the other way around although still possible. My mom and dad brought their dog over when they moved and it was just a one way ticket and they collected her from the airport :)


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