Monday 10 October 2011

Our Alfalfa Sprout Head

Last month we attended the local Sustainability Expo where Bunnings had a craft table for little people so they could make a Alfalfa sprout head to take home. 

This is the process we followed:

Each child was given a small plastic cup to decorate.

Sir N used pva glue with a brush, glitter, pompoms, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaner and foam cut outs.

Next we took our little Alfalfa pottle to the lady who added one teaspoon of Water Storage Crystals to the cup and filled it up with water.  She then asked Sir N to stir and see what happens.  His face was priceless!  Once the crystals were fully hydrated another lady sprinkled the Alfalfa sprout seeds over the top.

We took our Alfalfa head home and put him onto the window sill to watch and grow.

Beginning to germinate.  Look carefully and you can see little roots ...

Next day and we can see the beginnings of leaves

Sprouting forth and leaves still encased in seed covers.

There we go our first two leaves open !

1-2-3 Success !

We are planning on growing Alfalfa sprouts this summer to have in our salads.  There are many health benefits and they are easy to grow in a jar.

The seeds did not all sprout together and we ended up with only a few germinating at a time.  From the reading I have since done you need to soak the seeds over night in water before spreading them over the top of the gel to grow.  I am planning on growing some beans and sunflower seeds this spring with Sir N.

What have you grown with your children in the past ?



  1. I love this craft, Chareen - it looks so cute! We have just grown things in the garden, lately. Flower seeds and shrubs - and, before that, fruit and veggies - but, I seem to remember doing this with our older children. Great fun:)

  2. I was impressed with it's simplicity! I have just bought some seedlings and Sir N and I will be planting them out soon.

  3. Hehee Alfalfa is so fun to watch grow! We've grown heaps of things over the years but the favourites of the children were:

    Cherry Tomatoes!
    A Passionfruit vine
    The Mulberry Tree
    Apple Tree
    Basil (for making Pesto) and other herbs and


  4. Hi Susan. I love Mulberry brings back many happy memories of childhood. Did you know the green mulberries are good for removing the purple mulberry stains ?

    Mmmmm edible gardens. Great ideas thank you


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