Saturday 1 October 2011

Treasured Moments 5

Do you find yourself falling into a pattern of daily grind, skipping the 'fun' activities because you don't have time or lack energy?Do creative arts, nature walks, drama, read aloud or spontaneous acts seem only a distant dream in your life?
Yet these Treasured Moments shared with loved ones uplift us, nurture our soul, remind us of the beauty and joy in our lives.
We want Treasured Moments for ourselves, for our children, for our families but how can we make it happen?
... Commitment ... Encouragement ... Support ... Ideas ... Plans.

I invite you to join us every Saturday and share your plans and ideas, your targets and goals and your stories ... your 'Treasured Moments'. In this way we may inspire one another, encourage ourselves and start achieving our dreams. Hosted by Erin at Seven Little Australians and Counting

My Treasured Moments this week are:

1. Discovering 31 Days to Clean Challenge Having a Martha House the Mary Way by Sarah Mae. I am really looking forward to starting this challenge today.

2. On Monday my friend Mrs K came over with her children and helped around the place.  They gave fresh meaning to many hands make light work.  I felt so blessed.

3. Watching Sir N enjoy learning to sew on his sewing project.  (keep an eye out for this blog post to come)

4. Discovering that the Elsie Dinsmore series I am collecting is on special at and being able to complete my collection:  $48 for 19 books!

5. Receiving a bunch of flowers from a girlfriend and then she took me out for some fellowship and lunch.

6. Watching the rain soak the garden.  I love the sound of rain.

7. I am eagerly anticipating starting Healthy Lifestyle by Careforce LifeKeys.  My sister did this course two years ago and I have been wanting to attend it.  Our church will be starting it next weekend. I did Women to Women about 8 years ago.  I remember coming away encouraged and healed.

To join in you are welcome to add your post on Seven Little Australians and Counting using the Mr. Linky form (please link to the individual post) and include a link back to Erins post. If you haven't a blog we would still love to hear your voice, just leave your stories in the comments.



  1. The cleaning challenge sounds interesting, Chareen - I'm looking forward to reading how it goes.

    Did the flowers make you feel special? I love having flowers in the house. I hope you're feeling more rested this week:)

  2. Hi Chareen, Thank you for entering my "A Little Way of Homeschooling" giveaway. We pulled your name out of the hat! Could you please email me with your email address and preference for an epub or Kindle version? Please read my winners post for details. Thank you! God bless.

  3. Hi Vicky.

    The cleaning book looks great. Waiting for Sir N to go to bed and will have a good look. Found the member section of the site and want to watch a video for today too.

    The flowers have made me feel very special. They are on the bench right next to the jug so I can see them often :)

  4. Hi Sue.

    Jumping up and down here ! Wow I can't believe it. Thank you so much. I really look forward to this book.


  5. No 4 really caught my attention!:) and flowers from a friend, how special.
    Thank you for joining in, I ironed out the problem. Oh I'd love to chat photo uploading when you have a moment.
    my email is;

  6. Hi Erin

    The Elsie books on special are the old version. I noticed both were on special but the old version was marked to 4 books for $5! I will drop you an email tomorrow with my number.


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