Sunday, 23 October 2011

Two Blog Awards

Thank you so much to the two lovely ladies who blessed me with blog awards over the last few weeks.  You brought a smile to my heart. 

13 October 2011

Chelle from Last in Line presented me with a One Lovely Blog Award.  I love visiting Chelle firstly because in my heart I'm from New Zealand and her blog has some interesting things from home.  Secondly Chelle loves great books and shares her treasures with others. I am inspired in my home school journey when I read her blog.  She has generously shared / made pages to use with Notebooks and I aim to add this aspect to my home schooling with Sir N. Thank you for the window into your home school it encourages me.  Keep blogging. 

Here are the rules which I’ll tweak:

Snag the picture off my blog to use in your post, tell 7 things about yourself and then pass it on to 15 other bloggers. (I daren’t gift this on to 15 other blogs – wow, that’s a lot - that I follow since I’ve already hassled, umm – I mean invited, my blog pals to participate in a meme just last month.)

  1. I was born in South Africa
  2. I migrated / immigrated to New Zealand in 1997
  3. I naturalised and became a New Zealand citizen on 12 September 2001.
  4. I have lived on a game farm near Trackers (have a look at some photo's of the area at this web site) in South Africa for 5 years where I had giraffe, ostrich, hippo, etc for neighbours.
  5. I lived at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in New Zealand for 3 years.
  6. I will be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary next month.
  7. I love to cross stitch, scrapbook, build websites (Trackers is one of them)and blog.
 I’ll just choose 4 newer to blogging friends (who are welcome to reinvent the rules to suit themselves or decline - I've chosen to say "No thanks" a time or two when invited to participate in pass-it-forward awards - life just gets crunchy sometimes)

Alecat from Serenades and Solace
Amy from Raising Arrows
Belinda from Live Life with your Kids
Renelle from Dove's Rest

15 October 2011

Vicky from Creating with Wisdom and Victoria Leach - Portrait Art presented me with a Stylish blogger Award. I really enjoy Vicky's gentle heart and touch.  Her art touches me and I wish I could put pencil to paper this way and capture moments.  I settle for my camera. Vicky's blog is full of encouraging posts.  Thank you Vicky for sharing your heart your gentleness inspires me daily. Keep blogging and sharing.
First of all, I need to say seven things about myself - so, here goes:
  1. I love great fellowship and encouraging teaching.
  2. I love the Lord Jesus and pray my arrows will shoot true and straight from the Masters hand.
  3. I have three children and would love to have some more.
  4. I used to volunteer at 0800HUNGRY and wish that this concept could be implemented world wide.
  5. I am a full time Stay At Home Mother (SAHM)
  6. I am going to South Africa next year for a 10 year family reunion and my parents - in law's 50th Wedding Anniversary.
  7. I LOVE international travel and if I had the finance I would take my children and travel North America, Canada, Europe, Hawaii, Mauritius and a few other islands as well as Namibia, Botswana, Egypt and Australia.
Now, The six people I'd like to pass the award to are: (I need to bend the rules here sorry ladies)
 I pray you all have a great week ahead.



  1. Chareen, your life sounds really interesting! After years of contentment at home, I must admit that overseas traveling sounds quite exciting. It must be especially wonderful to be planning a trip home to your family.

    Thank you for your generous comments, Chareen - I really do appreciate your kindness and friendship:)

  2. Thanks Chareen, how very sweet of you.

    I am in a busy busy time of life at the moment... homeschooling, looking ahead at a possible sea-change... starting up a business venture, etc Acckkk! Sometimes it all too much.

    So thank you. Much appreciated.

  3. Thank you Chareen for this unexpected and lovely surprise!
    I have loved reading through some of your blog and discovering you and your family. I'm so glad to find some new blogs, and in particular, Victoria Leach. Her art is inspiring.

  4. Thank you Vicky, it has been a rather eventful journey so far :)

    You are welcome Susan. I hope that all goes well with the bussiness.

    You are welcome Nadene.

    Thank you to you all for sharing generously.


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