Friday 2 December 2011

Homeschool Mothers Journal {3}

The Home school Mother’s Journal began as a single post on a Friday morning over at The Homeschool Chick, and turned into a link-up for homeschool mothers across the blog-O-sphere to share a piece of their journey with one another each week. The link party is open from Friday to Monday so join me in The Homeschool Journal and lets encourage one another on our homeschool journey.

In my life this week…
In our homeschool this week…
  • This week we took out our Fun Tales from Sonlight and started reading again. My favourite part is seeing the delight in Sir N's face as he completes reading a book all by himself.  I love the little information section about each animal featured on the back cover of each book and he looks forward to me reading these to him upon completion of each book. We are up to book ten.  I am looking forward to him progressing to I Can Read It from Sonlight.
  • We are working through ABeka math.  He is finding recognising all the numbers to 100 relatively easy all accept the numbers 12 - 19!  I think I will make a bingo game with these numbers next week and play that with him till he can recognise them easier.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
  • If your student is really struggling to grasp a concept and you have tried every which way to explain it.  Put the books away. Book a cup of coffee with a home school friend and ask her how she taught the same concept.  She might have a different take that your child can grasp.  
  • If you don't have access to a friend near by try a home school forum.  In the US I use the Sonlight Forum.  Over here in Australia I use The Rockpool and Aussie Homeschool.  Who do you use ?

I am inspired by…
  • .Follow Me on Pinterest at the moment.  I love how freely everyone shares the gems they have discovered in cyber space.  I love the simplicity of a lot of the ideas out there.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • This morning I had to drop my husband at work at 5 AM (yes you read that right AM!!) as he had to get some animals ready for a few live TV crossings for morning TV (Channel 9 weather from 5.30).
  • Today we are going to a home school friends house to attend an art co op.  We will be making paper mache masks using news paper, flour glue and balloons. 
  • Tonight attending a Lorraine Lee Linen Party. at my sisters house.
  • Tomorrow Sir N will be spending the day at his Granny's house where he will join his cousins in the annual put up Granny's Christmas ornaments.  
  • I will be attending the Christmas Scrap 4 a Cause day out in Geelong making some Christmas gifts.  I can't wait! That will be 12 hours of uninterrupted creativity!

My favorite thing this week was…

What’s working/not working for us…
  • Being committed to our routine in the morning and doing written school work before we sit and read together.

Questions/thoughts I have…
  • Been thinking of schooling over December and January and how I am going to do that.  I am choosing to do this because we will be going on an over seas trip in April / May next year to South Africa for a 10 year family reunion.

Things I’m working on…
  • I am also looking forward to starting our new ART program next week and preparing to do the next week of Expedition Earth. We started this off with a huge bang and some how dropped this along the way.  I am keen to get going with it again next week.

I’m reading…
  • Have not had the time this week to invest in Mother Culture.  Will definitely schedule this in next week.

I’m cooking… 

  • I am in the middle of planning to make some ginger bread houses next week and will be putting up a tutorial so watch this space .....

I’m grateful for…
  • A husband who supports and trusts me to home educate our children.  I am grateful for good health and the beautiful sound of worship.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

"Irons rusts from disuse, 
stagnant water loses its purity and 
in cold weather becomes frozen; 
even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind."
~Leonardo da Vinci, Notebooks, 1508


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  1. Great advice! Thanks for the thoughts this week. My son has been struggling with Abeka Math a little bit as well, addition facts. I've been back to the drawing board a few times this week. Good to see I'm not the only one. Stopping by from the HMJ. Blessings!

  2. OOh, Australia!! How delightful! It's the first time I have stopped by. I have taken that advice before! I love knowing mother's of boys older than mine. I seem to struggle with teaching them the most, or just the apathetic age...

  3. Hello Tracey.

    You are welcome. I will also be taking out the dominoes and playing addition with him.

    How old is your son ?

    I find that on this journey you are constantly adjusting the course and that is part of the enjoyment and keeps life from becoming stale :)


  4. Hello Kay.

    Welcome to my little bit in cyber space over in Au :)

    I remember when I first experienced this advice I was teaching fractions and pulling my hair in frustration with one of my children and in desperation I put them in the car and went to visit a fried :) I asked her the fraction question in earshot of the child concerned and she gave a simple answer that was one I had not tried and the child said "Why didn't you just say that ??" They got it.

    How many boys do you have ? and ages ?


  5. Enjoying these posts Chareen.
    Just awarded you the Versatile Blog Award:)

  6. I am liking and using Pinterest more and more! I "followed" your boards :)
    I am anxious to see your gingerbread houses tutorial. I have had big problems and frustrations with gingerbread houses in the past, so I haven't attempted one in many years.

  7. Chareen,

    I can NOT believe i have missed your blog somehow. I absolutely love it, your advice...wish there wasn't an ocean between us...I'd book a cup of coffee with you. I have a really good friend from South Africa....we have tea every's SO refreshing to have that time set aside...


  8. Great gingerbread houses! I am loving Pinterest too right now!

  9. You have given some great advice! That is such a benefit and blessing of homeschooling, to be able to try however many means necessary until our child(ren) understand what we trying to present to them.

    Wow, a family reunion in South Africa sounds wonderful! Can't wait to read all about it and see photos.

    Many blessings,

  10. You have a lovely blog! I am looking forward to visiting more often. I can't wait to see your gingerbread houses. I liked your advice very much!

  11. Oh, how awesome on the reading! I've eyed Fun Tales before, but didn't purpose them. (I have so many early readers already that I couldn't justify MORE. LOL) And you know what? My youngest had problems with those numbers for the longest time too, and then suddenly he knew them! Looking forward to the Gingerbread information. My youngest is starting a gingerbread lapbook next week! It would be GREAT to end with gingerbread cookies and a house!

  12. Hi Susan

    I am looking forward to sharing my houses as they are such neat family presents to make as well.

    Hi Rebecca.

    Welcome to my blog. Loved your post about your son this week. You are welcome to have a virtual cup of coffee and skype with me anytime. Just let me know when :)

    Hello Sharla

    Thank you. I look forward to showing you how to make them :)

    Hello Lisa.

    You are welcome. I am looking forward to blogging from Africa too. Hope the internet can keep up :)

    Hello Mama Owl.

    Welcome and I hope you will attempt a ginger bread house and post a picture :)

    Hello Our Side of the Mountain.

    I had the same thoughts about another learning to read book but I am pleased with these little books :)

    Hope you will ALL try the ginger bread houses :)


  13. Hello Erin

    Thank you so much for the blog award :)

  14. LOVE Pinterest! I'm rediscovering my addiction to it. :) Those gingerbread houses are just beautiful! Can't wait for your tutorials!

  15. Yay for gingerbread house tutorials! I can't wait:)

    We're making them next week with our homeschool group next week, but we usually make them at home too (so we can take our time).

  16. Hi Kristi

    Welcome to my blog :) Love the ideas on Pinterest so many ideas far too little time :)

    Hi Prairie Jen

    Looking forward to seeing your houses too.

  17. Oh, I love that quote!

    We had some struggles learning the teen numbers too. I made up a chart with family columns: 0-9, then 10-19, 20-21, etc. We focused on the 'ten family' for quite a while, learning the sequence and explaining that a couple had special names (11 & 12).

    I also took every opportunity to practice our numbers when we were out and about, such as reading off the letterbox numbers.

  18. Hi Alecat.

    Good idea to go read letter box numbers ! Think we shall do that this week too :)

    I have a number chart as well but I like your wording of special names.


  19. Hi Chareen, love the gingerbread houses, inspires me to do some.
    About the A Beka math, we used it for 6 years. Get flash cards & devotedly drill them for 5 minutes a day. I did not invest in flash cards in the beginning, but soon realized they were a neeed to keep up with the quick change of pace A Beka does. After flash cards things are going great in our math area now.

  20. I'm off to check out your Pinterest boards. ;-)

  21. Hi Stephanie :) Love your boards too !

    Great Tip Traci thank you so much. I will be moving to Teaching Textbooks in a couple of years.


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