Monday 27 February 2012

Have you seen: Kill it, Cut it, Use it

In one word EXCELLENT. I found these programs by accident one evening when I was channel surfing and looking for something better to watch.  The series title is: Kill it, Cut it, Use it and is presented by the BBC.
Image from BBC site.

As you can see from this image each episode takes you from live animal to all the different uses that that animal is used for.  If you don't want to see an animal die skip the first 4 min but watch the rest.  It's a behind the scenes educational tour.
In the Cow episode there were five segments: Making coat Buttons, Tennis strings, Fine Bone China, Luxury Leather interiors and Fire Fighting Foam.

The first series had a look at: The Cow, The Sheep, Fish and The Pig.

I hope the BBC produce this series on DVD I would love to purchase it.  

Some partial episodes on YouTube
These episodes are not full episodes but rather a sneak peak to each episode.

Read More Here:
So if it comes onto a TV channel for you set aside time to watch it.  We only saw three of the episodes (cow, fish and sheep) and they were excellent.

What are your favourite science shows ?


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  1. I love science shows! This sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Chareen!!

    1. You're welcome. We really enjoyed these shows and hope they come on TV again.


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