Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Night Time Spear Fishing Adventures.

This was so much fun I just had to come and share it with you all.  Paul checked the weather and tide conditions last night at around 10 pm and said tonight will be perfect to go flounder fishing.  After a little bit of a chat we decided to get Sir N up dressed and go on a night time adventure and explore the surf with underwater lights and take a spear with in case we find any flathead or flounder. 

When we arrived the wind was a little nippy but the surf was quiet the moon beautiful and the experience fantastic.

The moon on the bay was spectacular.

Paul caught a banjo shark for us to look at and touch.

We saw all kinds of beautiful things under the water.

We were out till around 12:30 am and speared 7 flathead (max bag limit is 20) and one flounder.  We saw small sting rays, banjo sharks(fiddler ray), flounder, garfish, and puffer fish.

What are some unusual things you and your children have done together for fun ?


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