Friday, 6 April 2012

HSMJ 21- That prisoner is you

The Home school Mother’s Journal began as a single post on a Friday morning over at The Homeschool Chick, and turned into a link-up for homeschool mothers across the blog-O-sphere to share a piece of their journey with one another each week. The link party is open from Friday to Monday so join me in The Homeschool Journal and lets encourage one another on our homeschool journey.

In my life this week…
In our homeschool this week…
  • We finished off our Kenya unit study and prepared our South African unit study. I decided that we will complete and do this study after our trip to South Africa. (Two sleeps and we leave!)
  • Coloured in our Lent countdown from Catholic Icing.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I am inspired by…
  • All your comments and words of encouragement.  Thank you :o)
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • On Wednesday we had a very very busy day.  We had morning tea with some friends, early afternoon tea/cake at my brothers place to celebrate his son's 10th birthday and afternoon tea at another friends house to celebrate his birthday!
  • Friday we are meeting with friends to have a shared Passover meal.
  • Saturday Sir N and I will be joining my Dad for a day of 4x4 driving at Mount Dissapointment.
  • On Sunday we will be going to my parents home for a family brunch and Easter egg hunt. 
  • Counting down the months, weeks and days

My favorite thing this week was…
  • Receiving The Lobster Blog Award thank you Erin. Look for the post on this on Wednesday :o)

What’s working/not working for us…
  • Trying to do school and get ready for an overseas trip !!!!

Questions/thoughts I have…
  • What's on your Easter reading list ?
Things I’m working on…
  • Cleaning my house.
  • Purchasing gifts for family in South Africa who we haven't seen in 10 years.
  • Packing luggage for our trip.
  • Conquering Mount Washmore and Ironmore !
  • Rounding up the 60+ books we have from the library so they can be returned before we leave for South Africa on Sunday.
I’m reading…
I’m cooking…
  • A baked potato dish with brown onion soup to take to a Passover meal on Friday.
I’m grateful for…
  • My Mom who came over on Thursday to help me clean my home in preparation for our journey.  My husband who has been working a full day and coming home and helping to tidy up the yard before we leave and do things in and around the home to help me.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Max Lucado says of Judas “Jesus could see something we can’t… Jesus knew Judas had been seduced by a powerful foe. He was aware of the wiles of Satan’s whispers. He knew how hard it was for Judas to do what was right. He didn’t justify what Judas did. He didn’t minimize the deed. Nor did he release Judas from his choice. But he did look eye to eye with his betrayer and try to understand. As long as you hate your enemy, a jail door is closed and a prisoner is taken. But when you try to understand and release your foe from your hatred, then the prisoner is released and that prisoner is you.”

Blessings to you and your family this Easter


  1. have a fun time safe trip away

    Have a wonderful Easter :)

    1. Easter Blessings to you too :o)

      I am really looking forward to this time !

  2. Oh ya the library book, we went out of town last year and had 60+ books checks out that were all due, that was not a fun bill. Make sure you get them all and have a great trip, can't wait to see the blog posts about it.

    1. on top of my to do list in the morning !

      I am hoping we have internet so I can blog about our trip. Not sure though

  3. Wow South Africa! I'm going to check out the Mission of Motherhood Study the book has been collecting dust on my shelf for a while. This may just be the kick in the pants that I need. Blessings!

    1. My copy has been collecting dust too :o)



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