Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Johannesburg to Hoedspruit.

One of our concerns when planning our trip to South Africa was obtaining transport. Our Heavenly Father graciously gave our brother in law favour and he was given a vehical from his company to loan us for the first month that we are in South Africa. 
Friday morning saw us pack and drive in convoy with Paul's two sisters and their families to Hoedspruit Trackers where Dave and Julienne live for a 10 year family reunion to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Paul's parents.
A typical sight in Africa.  Catching a ride in the back of a ute.
The drive to Trackers brought back many many memories that had been forgotten.  I enjoyed watching the scenary change from the Highveld to the Lowveld.  It was so good to see the places we had once known and to reaquaint ourselves with the peculiarities of the ways of Africa. 

One of the funniest things we saw was a set of traffic lights that had broken.  Because it had been unable to be repaired the local government had simply affixed stop signs to the poles!
We had a lovely day traveling down.

We stopped along the road just before the Strydom Tunnel at some curio places where Miss J aquired some things to bless her friends with upon her return to Australia.

Blessings my friends

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