Friday, 25 May 2012

Week 3 - Photography Challenge Showcase

I am in Johannesburg today visiting my sister and enjoying her internet access while she is at work.

On my merry travels around the internet I have found a really neat site called : Digital Photography School. I recommend you pop on over and poke around but be warned once you start it's addicting !!

I have been enjoying Erin's challenge so much I was wondering what I could do once the challenge was finished at the end of the month ?  I think that I might just take up the dPS Weekly Photo Challenge.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced is taking a picture of a sunset with a SLR.  A point and shoot has a sunset setting which makes it easy to capture the colours.

Last week we took a trip to Blyde Wildlife Estate and spent some time experimenting with the sunset. 

Here is this weeks challenge

15 - Wildlife
Sir N found this spider sitting on top of a wooden post.  

A lion at Moholoholo here in the Lowveld.

16 - Flowers

this one was a good challenge to get in focus.

I love the colours and shadows of this rose.

17 - Trees

This is a Maerua Angolensis.

18 - Something Rustic

This is an ostrich egg light cover.

On one of our outings we stopped to look at the curios for sale.
 I love the colours of Africa.

19 - In the dark

The Southern Cross at around 8 pm at Trackers.

3 am Scorpio with the roof line in the foreground.

20 - Your favourite place to be
My favourite place is waiting for me in Australia :o)

21 - Daily Life

Our daily life here on holiday is getting up early to enjoy the beautiful sunrises over the farm.
 I couldn't resist the shadows and colours here.

Thank you Erin for the ideas and inspiration I have enjoyed doing these. Don't forget to pop on over to Seven Little Australians and see the photo's of some others who have taken up Erins challenge this month.


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  1. I'm so glad you decided to do this challenge, Chareen. It's lovely to get a glimpse of your time in Africa. The photos are really beautiful!

    God bless:-)

    1. Thank you Vicky :o) I am pleased too. I must confess though that I have been surprised at just how many photo's I need to take in order to get what I am after. It's given me a fresh appreciation for the expertise of professional photographers and their creativity!

      I have enjoyed seeing the photo's that everyone else has been taking too :) I am just sorry I have been unable to comment as the internet has not really allowed me to ....

  2. Chareen
    That first photo is stunning!! Love the lion (of course:) ) and the flowers and tree would be my next favourite this week. Isn't this fun?

    1. Thanks Erin :) I have really enjoyed doing this challenge with you it has certainly stretched me in many ways and I have learned a few things and for that I thank you so much :)

      Have you had a poke around dPS website ? Some really interresting things on this site. Can you recommend any others out there ? I am really keen to learn.

  3. great photos- love the sunset one - even if it wasn't in this weeks challenge! and I love the exotic wildlife!

    1. Thanks Deanne :o) I enjoyed taking them !

  4. Beautiful! You have a real talent for this! Despite the fact that I really don't like spiders, the one of the spider is excellent, very clear. Did you use macro or zoom to get him? LOL. (I would have used zoom!!!) The first flower is very stunning and so is the last one where you've captured an amazing mix of light and silhouette, including a featured shadow in the one room.

    1. :) Thank you

      I used macro for the spider photo :) It was a really small spider and didn't look too bad till I had a look at the photo on the pc screen. I love the rose photo too !


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