Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ten of my Favourite Homeschooling Sites

Discovered this blog hop over at iHomeschool Network and thought that looks like fun.

 This one is a little late (it was hosted on 22 May submissions close 29 June) so if you have some great sites to share join in and add your linky over at Many Little Blessings.

  1. Sonlight My all time favourite. I have been a Sonlight junkie for 15 years now and still ♥♥♥ my catalog! I love the Sonlight Community they are always willing to support and encourage anyone.  As a home school mom who really liked the Charlotte Mason philosophy I was at a loss as to know which books were good to read to my children and which books were twaddle.  Sonlight answers this question for me time and time again. Whenever I want to know what to read or if I have a friend in need of a book for school this is my first port of call. You have the choice of searching by Grade or Subject / grade.
  2. Practical Pages - Nadene is a veteran homeschooler with an amazing ability to make you feel right at home on her blog. I love her gentle encouragement and her easy practical blog posts.  Her philosophy is simple: "The Lord said, "Freely you have received, freely give," and you may freely download these pages for your own personal use."  Take some time to check out her Art Activity pages, FREE Notebook pages subdivided into 16 sections,   and for those of you who follow the teachings of Charlotte Mason check out Nadene's Charlotte Mason corner where you will discover a treasure trove of links and practical ideas.
  3. Jimmie's CollageJimmie's Collage I first discovered Jimmie's blog after wondering around The Notebooking Fairy and I am so pleased I did. Jimmie is a veteran homeschooling Mom with a down to earth approach to home educating her daughter Sprite using a Charlotte Mason method through notebook pages and lapbooking.  Jimmie has a great Pinterest board brimming with ideas (1153 pins to date) and her Freebies page is overflowing with Links to great sites along with her sister site the
  4. Notebooking Fairy The Notebooking Fairy -- printables and how-tos with a pinch of pixie dustwhen I first started looking for Free notebooking pages I discovered this site.  It is brimming with inspiration.  On the first Friday of each month the Notebooking fairy hosts a Notebooking Round-Up where Jimmie posts links, photo's and video's to do with Notebooking she has found during the month.  There is also a Show Off section where you can see how different homeschoolers  have used Jimmie's pages, as well as a Notebooking Spotlight area where you can meet other homeschoolers using Notebook pages in their home school.  The Notebooking Fairy has FREE printable pages categorized into eight learning areas.
  5. Confessions of a Homeschooler | free preschool printablesConfessions of a Home Schooler I discovered Erica's corner of the web when looking for some interesting things to do with Sir N while waiting for the new school year to arrive and my order from Sonlight. I LOVE her printable's and ideas and think she is super woman homeschooling four children and still finding time to bless the home school community with amazing resources like Expedition Earth (which we are using alongside Sonlight),  The World's Greatest Artists (FREE), and World's Greatest Composers Vol 1 to mention a few. Erica's site is brimming with practical how to and Do It Yourself tutorials. Take a look at her 10 Days of Homeschooling Enrichment and if you are in need of a boost as a home school Mom take some time to read Candid Conversations with God.
  6. Follow Me on PinterestPinterest Need I say more ?? Although this application can chew into your free time or cause you guilt and paralysis if not kept in check. Having said this Pinterest can be an incredible resource for any homeschooler.  The www is an enormous place and Pinterest is an excellent place to meet homeschoolers who are pinning the best of the web and help you filter out the dross. Happy Pinning !
  7. Free & Affordable Notebooking Pages (& More!)Notebooking Pages This site is hosted and moderated by Debra Reed a homeschooling Mom to 7 of her 10 children.  There is a paid subscription for this site BUT you have lifetime access to the notebook pages that are on the sight when you join.  If you choose not to rejoin you do not loose access to your pages which are numerous.  You can print any and/or all pages as often as you like for use with your family (or single classroom) over & over, for years to come! There are a few samples for you to look at.  I think this is excellent value for money.
  8. Handbook of Nature Study sometimes I wish I lived in the northern hemisphere to fully take part in the Nature Study assignments !  Great inspirational site for those of you looking for support in your Nature Study adventures.  There are 26 Freebies to help you along with Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter tabs to give you seasonal inspiration.  There is a weekly Outdoor Hour blog carnival Challenge to inspire and encourage you. Barb is also the host of
  9. Harmony Art Mom the sister site to Handbook of Nature Study.  Barb is a seasoned Mom with plenty of experience and a great encourager to any home school Mom on the block. She hosts Sketch Tuesday a weekly Art Meme and  being a veteran homeschooler having educated her four children at home (3 have graduated) she has some wonderful blog categories to read through.
  10. Education.com This is a great site overflowing with worksheets, printable's and activities. The only negative is sometimes it's hard to navigate. Worksheets & Activities category is divided into school years and has some really easy to do DIY.
I have enjoyed having a poke around my favourites folder and choosing ten to share with you today.  I would love to know which ten sites are your favourite.  Don't forget to pop on over and see what other homeschoolers have said are their top ten!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out for Sonlight [smile]. It's always encouraging to end up on lists like this. Thanks!


  2. This is a great list Chareen! Thanks for sharing with Favorite Resources :)


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