Saturday 14 July 2012

Visiting Ancient Rome

 Last week we took some time to go and explore The Ancient Rome Exhibition which is currently in Melbourne (Extended till October 7th). "This exhibition is the life work of three generations of expert Italian Artisans specializing in the reconstruction of the ancient and lost technology of the World. With this exhibition they have focused their attention on the most significant  and important inventions and technology from the Ancient Roman Empire."

Where: Waterfront City Piazza in Docklands
When: Now till October 7th.
Open: 9:30am to 5:00 pm daily.
Cost:  A$22, Concession $17, Junior $12, Family $56 (refer to web for more prices).  It is well worth the cost.

Did you Know ? The Romans invented an incredibly long-lasting concrete, glass window panes, built large apartment blocks, designed extensive road networks right across the Empire and even invented the fire brigade! (Source)

The replica uniforms were full of amazing detail and each thing had a specific purpose.  For example the brass belts hanging on their waste made a noise as the platoon marched and warned the people that the army was approaching.
Plenty to see and learn about the army.  What an amazingly well oiled machine they were.  Dedicated and passionate. Each soldier carried his own pack with a weight of 50 kg each.  Every evening they dug a trench around the camp and impaled three wooden spikes into the ground.  If the ground was too hard they put the spike together to form a star and laid a blockade barrier around the camp.

Machinery was around every corner and we had fun learning about the different things they used.

Sir N tried his hand at spinning a potters wheel and had a look at some potters tools, he went on a excavation to find some mosaic pictures and looked at some gladiator uniforms.

We took time to look at a model of the cages beneath the Colosseum, weapons gladiators used, fresco paintings, Paul and Sir N played strategy games, had some fun playing with mosaics, a water machine used to scoop water and change it's directional flow and finished off with some army dress ups!

Sir N built an arch using roman techniques.
 My new hero from Rome: Julius Caesar, records indicate that he invented the book because scrolls proved difficult to unravel and read during long military campaigns. "He found that scrolls (known as volumina), were too voluminous and impractical for him and being the revolutionary that he was, he found it amusing to send his letters to the ultra-conservative Senate folded and bound, instead of using the traditional method of scrolls in capsules. Some of Caesar's letters to the Senate still exist."

The exhibition is full of interesting things to read and see.  I also purchased a great book which I am looking forward to using when we study world history next year.

On the website you can access FREE Educational Resources.  Click on the Schools tab and scroll to the bottom.
Educational Websites
Sourced from the Roman Exhibiton website: Schools
We intended to spend an hour or so here but ended up spending three hours exploring and reading information.  We had a wonderful time of learning and building memories together.



  1. I love your studies on Rome!

    You asked me a few questions on my blog a few weeks back and are the very delayed answers.

    Juice fast... You asked me about reboot your life. Yes I am familer with that and that is exactally what we did. The green juice isn't great but I was able to stomache it drinking it fast through a! We only lasted 7 days on just juice and it was amazing and hard. We now we juice at least 5 5 meals out of the week. I love the energy it has given it is simply amazing and I feel so much better. You should really try it I plan to post an entire blog post on our juice fast journey very soon.

    Congrats on your new SLR camera I love mine. I edit my Raw images in photoshop CS5 although the newset is out now CS6

    1. We managed to buy a great book at this exhibition using ice cream sticks to do science experiments with roman technology. I will try and put up a Tuesday's Treasure on it soon.

      Thanks for the info on the Juice Fast. I don't have the courage to do a complete fast although I love the idea of it.

      I haven't taken any RAW photo's yet as I'm not sure how to do editing. Got any good tutorials you can recommend ?

  2. A day there would be heaps fun. :o) I will keep it in mind in case we are down in Melbourne any time soon.

    Great pictures. Loved them.

    1. Thank you Deborah. Oooo your family would really enjoy an afternoon here.

      PS and I would love a catch up with you too :)

  3. This is great, Chareen! I love living history:)

    1. Thank you Jenn. It was heaps of fun and I wish I could go again and just read all the signs :)


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