Tuesday 7 August 2012

Expedition Earth: AFRICA - South Africa

To round off our recent trip to South Africa we did a slow walk through our next unit in the Expedition Earth series: South Africa.

We have spent a fair bit of time at Werribee Open Range Zoo (Night Zoo & Giraffe encounter) experiencing African Wildlife.

We were blessed with many wide and varied experiences while in South Africa

Notebook Pages
On the Net
Touching a Rhino at WORZ.

Milk Tart
  • Milk Tart this is one of my favourite dishes from South Africa.
  • Babootie a traditional South African dish
Do you have any favourite resources for learning about South Africa ?

Here is a 4 min video of photo's Paul took on a trip to Africa a few years ago.

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  • Due to the every changing nature of the Internet please check that these sites are still safe before allowing your children on them.  
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  1. Chareen, what an amazing collection of resources! Thanks so much for linking up with Favorite Resources :)

  2. Wow, Chareen! Thanks for all the resources here. We are planning on doing quite a bit of geography this year as the girls seem quite interested in it. I'll have to book mark this page!

    That's one of my favorite songs...and it's a beautiful choice for those amazing photos! I'll have to show the girls:)


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