Sunday 23 September 2012

Eastern Hill Fire Station Visit.

Metropolitan Fire Station (Eastern Hill Fire Station) Source: Wikimedia Commons
Friday was a wonderful day spent out at the Melbourne Fire Station at Eastern Hill.  They have a weekly fire safety display that I highly recommend you take your children to see.
The day started with an explanation of how to vacate a burning building. Crawl Low.

One of the Fireman got dressed in all his protective gear and let the children hear what it sounds like when he is breathing through his mask and encouraged them not to be afraid of a fireman if he looks likes this and not to hide but come to him as he is there to help them. The children then had a race with the fireman to see who could get into their gear the fastest as the crew need to be on the road in 90 seconds.

Next on the list was how to use a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket.

The crew brought out the jaws of life and explained that they sometimes need to use these to help people who are stuck in their cars after an accident and not to be afraid.

From here the display shifted to the "Dolls House" where someone need rescuing from a burning building.  The crew arrived with sirens blaring, and proceeded to demonstrate a rescue.

Finally it was play time with the water and time to explore the fire engines!

This was a truly worth while experience.  We had a delightful time together.  From here we walked around the corner to the Firefighters Museum.

Have you visited your local fire brigade recently ?  Do you have your fire plan in place and do your children know what to do or where to go if there is a fire in your home ?


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  1. As always, I'm in awe of all the different experiences that you have with your son, Chareen! And, I love your collages, too - they're so colourful and cleverly designed. I thought the one with the words looked like a fire safety poster.

    Our younger children have never been to a fire station but there's a little one a couple of streets away. I'll have to see if they do something like this, too.

    God bless, Chareen:-)


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