Thursday 18 October 2012

Schoolhouse Review Crew applications OPEN

Schoolhouse Review Crew Applications 2013
The Schoolhouse Review Crew is composed of approximately 200 homeschool families that love to blog about homeschool products! Applications for next years cruise are now live. 
So what does it take to be a Schoolhouse Crew Review team member?
  1. Do you have an active blog? 
  2. Do you have at least 22 public followers? 
  3.  Do you homeschool? 
  4. Do you like homeschool curriculum? 
  5.  Do you want to use new curriculum with your own children and share about your experiences on your blog? 
 If you answered YES, then Schoolhouse Review Crew might be for you!

To find out more and apply to be on the crew for 2013 pop on over to Schoolhouse Review.



  1. I thought I'd be brave and sign up and see what happens. :o) LOL

    I hope you will sign up too - I think you'd so an awesome job reviewing items. :o)

    1. Oh goodie! I have signed up. So we might cruise together in the new year. Should be fun :)
      Thank you for the encouragement it's so good to be lifted up with good words. Thank you Deborah!


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