Thursday 20 December 2012

Christmas in Melbourne {2/2}

After a delightful morning of exploring inner city Melbourne we decided to take a walk up to Melbourne Museum for a picnic lunch and explore.
The gardens and beautiful Royal Exhibition Building
 After a peaceful picnic lunch in the gardens we decided to explore two of the newest displays in Melbourne Museum
Even the Dinosaurs had joined in Christmas this year!

Dinosaur Walk

The children enjoyed seeing the huge dinosaur skeletons and touching all the hands on displays and always a winner with the children are the computer animations explaining different aspects of dinosaur life. The museum has Educational resources available, a Virtual Exhibition as well as Prehistoric fun activities for children.

600 Million Years Victoria Evolves **

Next we explored a new division recently opened in the science and life gallery.  The amount of things to see in this gallery is a little overwhelming and you could take a full morning here to read and explore.  I was not prepared for what we saw and had not prepared Sir N who encountered the 100's of millions of years put forth as fact!  Needless to say we are having a few discussions about time and evolution.
You can take a virtual tour, enjoy some Fossil Fun activities, access educational resources or watch some video's.
** As a family we believe in Creation and young earth.
Dynamic Earth

Our next point of call and revisit was to Dynamic earth.  We briefly explored this exhibit in October and it made such an impact on the children they begged to see it again.

I stand in awe of our creator God who made all these beautiful things.  The images here do not do justice to the things we saw and experienced.

The website has a comprehensive overview of what you can see here as well as a library of video'sEarth fun for children and Educational resources.

Christmas Blessings
It was a wonderful experience enjoying the outdoors, Christmas delights and earth science explorations for us.  It's days such as these that make homeschooling a delightful past time.

Which museums do you enjoy visiting with your children ?


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  1. What wonderful photos! :-) The gardens look absolutely spectacular and the dinosaur with the antlers is just too funny. Your collages are really beautiful. Our God is an awesome God! :-) I agree, it is difficult when our children are bombarded with the theory of evolution as fact. Gives us much to discuss and refute with them, doesn't it?

    1. Thank you Lisa :) I really enjoy using photoscape it is so easy to use and best of all it's FREE!

      It certainly does. I read some interresting research the other day that over 60 % of teachers in ps now do not teach evolution as fact. Can you recommend any books ? I have used and will be using some AiG resources as we tackle these points head on.


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