Wednesday 17 April 2013

Carnival of Homeschooling {Edition #381}

Welcome to the 381 edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling where home school families share their homeschool wisdom with us from all over the world via their blogs.

Carnival of Homeschooling was started by the Cate Family over at Why Homeschool and has been a tremendous source of home school support and information.

This Week . . .

In homeschooling we all come across difficult obstacles. Today Rachel is reminding us in order to overcome those difficult subjects, it may take grace, and one small step at a time!! Pop on over to DiAmOnDs In ThE rOuGh to read Doing the Hard Things; a principle for life!

April 22 is Earth Day and Mindy from over at Den School has put together a post with links and ideas for teaching your children about our responsibility in looking after the earth.

Barbara from over at Barbara Frank Online shares some encouragement in My Son's Impossible Dreams for us as parents in regards to our children not reaching their dreams or being unable to reach their dreams due to circumstances.

Every bed of Roses
This week I would like to share with you some of the Resources you can use to home school for FREE.  This post is part of a homeschool series called: Homeschool Help where five homeschool mom's are sharing their experience with you.

Time 4 Learning shares The Number Of Homeschoolers In The U.S. Continues To Rise. This post is about the rising popularity of homeschooling, reasons for the increase, and how the success homeschoolers are achieving is reinforcing the homeschooling movement.

Meg shares Jude is READING!!! A year ago, he had a whole bunch of educational testing done, and the results were not hopeful.  His language disabilities left him on the cusp of being considered "ineducable." It took him over a year to learn his alphabet (and he still struggles).  We started this program, and I wasn't expecting success -- I figured we would just plod along and get there eventually.  My hope was that by next spring we would have an "early reader."  But he is READING WORDS!!!! Read more over at  Adventures with Jude

Karyn shares her Favourite Homeschool Science Curriculum as voted by YOU the homeschool Mom over at Teach Beside Me.  She did some research on Facebook, Forums, Email and in person and shares some great information on Teaching Science and the Curriculums out there.

 Have you ever wondered what Real Life Homeschooling is all about ? Candice from over at His MERCY is new has a new series where she shares her insights with us. This is a new series where homeschooling moms are dispelling the myth that we have it all together! :) Please come and share your "real life" homeschooling moments and let's encourage one another to keep on keeping on!!

PhotobucketKym over at Homeschool Coffee Break shares  a History lesson: Route 66 the famous highway known as the "Main Street of America" and made popular by songs and movies.  Pop on over for some history ideas.

Over at This Sweet Life Tara shares how she tackles Fourth Grade Language Arts - Spelling. Have a look at a step by step break down of tackling spelling.

Vikings were the theme of the day today. Annette from over at A Net In Time Schooling says they were learning about Vikings and this is where their learning took them.

Leah from over at As We Walk Along the Road is blogging through the Alphabet and shares that B is for Budget specifically her homeschool curriculum BUDGET.  How to plan and buy.

Sarah Elisabeth shares 14 ways to save money on home education resources over at Delivering Grace.

Susan from over at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds helps to dispel The Comfy Couch Myth of Homeschooling.  Susan encourages you to find what works for you and your family and do that, in fact do more than that embrace it for it's who you and your family are.

Celeste from over at Joyous Lessons shares First Grade in Our Home: Memory Work Round-up. April is National Poetry month Celeste expands on memory work with samples and ideas of the sorts of things you can do in First Grade the Charlotte Mason way.

On Planting Seeds... Kim shares over at On Planting Seeds that you don’t have to go far to find really great “classrooms” when you homeschool. I got on the Internet last night and scoped out some possibilities for the coming week. I wonder if you have similar things going on in your area? Pop on over to read Homeschool Outings: 10 Things You Can Do This Week

The Paper Maid
Deborah from over at The Paper Maid shares some insights about Life of Fred and what she has found on her research.

Gary from over at Homeschool Buzz shares the Top 100 Most Commonly Used Words: Must Learn List via a delightful graphic and list. He encourages To solidify your child’s foundation in spelling, make sure he knows how to spell this word list, which makes up more than half of all the words most likely to be encountered in reading and basic writing needs.

 Bow of Bronze
Over at Bow of Bronze Amy shares a great tutorial Sewing with Children: How to make an Apron from a Tea Towl. This is a cheap easy to do craft that will bring great delight to children for days.

Gwen from Tolivers to Texas shares on Teaching Bible Stories to Children. There are many types of felt figures out there but Betty Lukens Bible felt figures are different. Did you know you can still purchase these ?  Pop on over to find out more.  No  this is not a review . . .

Thank you for visiting the carnival this week may you be as encouraged as I have been reading what has been shared.



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Karyn homeschool's her three children and has an eclectic style.


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