Wednesday 15 May 2013

Hoping for the Butterfly - Mr T

Meet my first born whose name means  
"A gift of the Lord who brings Him much honor."

On this blog he is known as Mr T, his story begins 20 years ago.  We received news of our pregnancy during the week of our first wedding anniversary.   

I was around six month pregnant and teased my husband that I hoped he had bought me a 21st birthday gift. His reply was to lean over rub my pregnant roundness smile at me and say "Sure here it is . . . " I just laughed at him because I was due on the first of July.  Three weeks before my 21st.

Long story short I developed Bells' Palsy went into hospital to be induced and came home still pregnant. God's ways are higher than ours.Well the due date came and went, so did one week, two weeks and then the third week of July arrived. 5 am on the 22 July my time arrived and that afternoon on my 21st birthday God gave me an eternal birthday gift.  A beautiful living breathing 4.25 kg (9.25 lb) healthy first born son.

Our journey together consisted of three eye operations (Strabismus Surgerys) on both eyes {one at 9 months one at 11 months and one at 3 and a half years}, two immigrations and home schooling.

Broken and missed dreams
Our journey through the teen years has seen many doors close for Mr T
  • On the day he went for his interview to join the Air force he learned that the day before the Australian government had altered the criteria and he could no longer join because he is not an Australian citizen.
  • He started his second job and two months into his work he slipped and fell. Thought he had not hurt himself.  No paperwork was done.  Little did we know that he had ruptured a disc in his spine that would require Lumbar Discectomy spinal surgery six weeks later and close his dream of becoming an IT technician.
  • It took him over a year to recover.
  • Last year Mr T developed a mystery numbness in his legs which led to him being in hospital for a week and has him now walking with the support of a crutch and a year long journey of not being able to obtain paid employment.  No options for government support due to us being New Zealand citizens living in Australia.  
  • He applied for a student loan and had that door close because he is not an Australian citizen.
Watching my son walk this journey has been heart breaking. I would like to thank Susan for challenging me to look at him and see the butterfly in the cocoon I need to look at him as my Heavenly Father does.  This is His child and He says of this child

My Responsibility
My role now is to allow the butterfly to finish growing in the cocoon of the Lord's time.  He is able to do more than I could ever hope or dream.  I need to allow God's perfect timing. The Lord will release this butterfly (my son) from his cocoon in His perfect time and place.

Our inner selves wait [earnestly] for the Lord; 
He is our Help and our Shield.  

I would like to encourage any of you with a teen in your care that does not seem to be finding themselves or too many doors seem to close for them that the Lord has a plan and a hope for them.  In the flesh we may  despair and wonder but in His care we have a hope and a future for their final outcome.  He loves them and knows the plans for their future.


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Homeschooling Hearts & Minds
May is Ichthyosis Awareness Month. I will be partaking in a month long blog hop in honor of Peter and other children with Ichthyosis. Release the butterflies is more than about children with a rare skin disorder it's about each and every one of our children.

Susan will be having a weekly link up.  Please join me in celebrating each and every child and just how special they truly are.

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  1. Chareen
    My heart just breaks to hear of all the doors closed for T!! Praying his doors open soon{{}}

  2. This NZ Citizenship change in Aussie is darn annoying. I understand that there are groups forming in each state to fight some of the regulations, as Kiwi's feel they are being persecuted. I would recommend that you write to your local member of parlimiant about your sons experiences. Changes need to be made.

    Much luck to Mr T, let's hope his luck changes for the better shortly.

  3. Chareen, it's so hard, as a mother, to see our older children challenged like this, isn't it? We have had some health issues and job disappointments, too, and, sometimes, it's been a struggle to trust. I hope Mr. T is given the opportunity he deserves, very soon. Praying that something will turn up.

    God bless, Chareen:-)

  4. What a hard road for your son---I have tears in my eyes right now. I'm praying for peace, direction, and comfort for him and for you, sweet Chareen.


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