Wednesday 8 May 2013

Releasing Butterflies this May

On Saturday Susan launched Ichthyosis Awareness Month with an amazing post about who our children are.  Susan's son Peter is more than his skin condition he is an intelligent, creative funny little boy.  He needs to be seen for who he is.  The FIRST foundation symbol is a butterfly and is the inspiration for the theme this month. Susan says: "I’ve always loved that image, that of a child being freed from a “cocoon” that keeps him from being seen in all his splendor as the wonderful child of God he is."

Paul and I have been blessed with three children.  Starting next Wednesday during the month of May I would like to introduce each of my children to you.

  • 8 May - Releasing Butterflies this May
  • 15 May - Hoping for the Butterfly - Mr T
  • 22 May - Anticipating the Butterfly - Miss J
  • 29 May - Preparing the Butterfly  - Sir N
This past weekend I was at Crop 4 a Cause and was touched by this statement

I would encourage you to take some time over the next week and look, really look at each of your children and appreciate them for who they are right now.  Not whom they could be.  Look at them and ask the Lord to help you see that child the way He sees them.

I pray the Lord will fill your week ahead with the wonder of each of the children He has placed in your care.



Homeschooling Hearts & MindsMay is Ichthyosis Awareness Month. I will be partaking in a month long blog hop in honor of Peter and other children with Ichthyosis. Release the butterflies is more than about children with a rare skin disorder it's about each and every one of our children.

Susan will be having a weekly link up.  Please join me in celebrating each and every child and just how special they truly are.

Here is Susan's Schedule
Links will be added here as the posts go live.
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  1. Thursday, May 9, 2013


  1. Thank you for joining me to help Release the Butterflies, Chareen! I'm looking forward to "meeting" your children. ;)

  2. Great intro, Chareen. Can't wait to get better aquainted with your kids ; )!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this!


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