Friday 5 July 2013

A Simpson Desert Adventure

Today marks the beginning of a dream come true for me. A few years ago my extended family embarked on a journey of discovery.  They traveled to the Simpson Desert in South Australia. In the photo above you can see two of the party on top of Big Red.

Oh how I longed to go and see all the beautifully wild areas in Australia.  The Lord heard my hearts cry and has blessed me and Sir N. Today that dream is being fulfilled.

Sir N and I will be accompanying my Dad for the trip of a lifetime where we shall spend the next three weeks traveling over 6 500 km in the outback and exploring the rugged beauty of Australia.

We will be going to see The Dig Tree which is an intimate part of Australian history (The Burke and Wills Expedition). In preparation for this journey we are taking along with us an audio book: The Dig Tree by Sarah Murgatroyd.

Please keep us in your prayers.  I am looking forward to photographing this adventure and sharing our journey with you when I return in August.

Chareen and Sir N


  1. Have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. What an amazing experience this will be. Looking forward to hearing all about it :-)

  3. Your trip sounds great. Safe and happy travels, look forward to seeing the pics on your return. x

  4. WOW! Have an amazing time Chareen! Looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.


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