Wednesday 28 August 2013

A Day out with Dad

As some of you may know my husband has started a blog: Bush Tales by Paul.  One of Paul's passions is bird watching.  On Monday Sir N decided that he would like to go along with Paul on a bird watching expedition.  The two of them packed up an afternoon tea picnic and off they went.

Sir N came and asked if he could please borrow my point and shoot camera.

 Sir N's Photographs
 Here are some of the photographs he took on his day out with Dad.

Just to make sure the camera is working Mom
A Selfie on the way to the bird watching site.
Okay we are here and I am ready to capture some birds
Hey look this is what it looks like inside my binoculars
This is Daddy behind the lens
Lots of yellow flowers in the fields
Looking for birds from the hide
Pelican footprints along the beach
Look at all those tentacles on that Jelly Fish
 I really enjoyed looking at the world through Sir N's eyes.  We recently opened an Instagram account for him and he is enjoying taking photographs.  The best part of this is seeing how he views the world around him. 

As much as I enjoy seeing the world from his perspective the hardest part is actually not inter-fearing and acting director the whole time.  Do any of you struggle with stepping back and letting them be ?



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