Tuesday 6 August 2013

Curriculum and our year ahead 2013/14

Welcome back to the Homeschool Help Series. For the next six weeks six homeschool bloggers from around the globe will be your host.  Today we will be sharing the curriculum we are using for 2013/14.

I have been home educating for  15 years and really love quality literature with a Wholehearted Child / Charlotte Mason Approach.  This year life has become rather busy and as much as I would like to put together my own curriculum I find I just do not have the energy to pull through so I am using a Sonlight Core B as my spine with a few eclectic things added in.

Our Year Ahead

Language Arts

Read Alouds

History / Geography




Fine Arts
  • Music Appreciation: SQUILT Vol 1 Baroque Era (Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time) This is a digital product written by Mary from Homegrown Learners and covers ten pieces of music along with notebooking pages, musical term definition and musical history.
  • I will be using The World's Greatest Composers by Confessions of a Homeschooler.
  • The Classical Kids Collection Vol 1 & 2. These are produced by The Children's Group and cover the lives of eight famous composers.
  • Classical Composers Monthly as a supplement to whichever composer we are studying.
  • We will continue with The World's Greatest Artists Vol 1 in which we will cover eight artists.  We have already studied Monet and will continue and learn about the other seven artists in the unit.
  • We did Shipwrecked earlier in the year and really enjoyed it so we will work our way through Bible Stories by See the Light
What will you be using this coming year for your homeschool ?  If you are in need of some inspiration don't forget to pop on over to see what the Homeschool Help bloggers are planning for 2013/14


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  1. Not sure if I've ever shared my learning blog with you. Anyhow I only manage to plan a term at a time

    1. Hi Erin
      I think you did a while ago but I have misplaced the link. Thank you for sharing it again. I feel so encouraged reading what other mom's are doing

  2. We've really enjoyed the books in the Sonlight curriculum. It looks like you have a wonderful reading list for the year.

  3. We are long term Sonlighters, and have learned soooo much AND they retain so much of it because of the context of great stories. I think you'll have a GREAT year with Sonlight.

    I know myself, and if I tried to plan out everything I would be burned out on planning just the basics and have nothing left for rabbit trails and fun. With using Sonlight and other prepared curriculum, I have the basics planned out for me and I feel freed to go off on random rabbit trails and add in fun. Don't feel guilty for not planning everything yourself.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop.

  4. Is Sonlight too American for Aussie use (history etc)?


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