Tuesday 22 October 2013

From School to Homeschool

This weeks topic is: Your Top 3 Suggestions for Someone who Pulled Child out of School Mid Year.  Earlier this year I worked with two students (aged eight and ten) who came home to home educated for a couple of months.  This was an interesting experience.  In New Zealand our home school support group leader often would counsel mom's to simply leave the academics on the shelf for the first few months and settle into being at home full time.  I now know why. It was a lot more tricky than I anticipated.  School method was the norm and made sitting and learning together a challenge. Doing written work was done with the attitude to tick the box get it right and move on rather than learn. From this I learned the value of taking time to Detox from School

When bringing a student home from public school to the home school environment it is a time of transition.  They are accustomed to doing things in a classroom setting and learning in order to pass a test.  Home Education does not function in this manner and as such can be a challenge and or a frustration for a public school child to adjust too.  There are so many factors that change in their world. There are many things that they will be learning and the first of these things are new relationships and learning to acquire knowledge.

Benefits of time off
  • Take time to Detox from School
  • Build new routines. Take time to work together on running the home and learning to slow down from the hurry from here to there. Learn to live outside of the 'school run' rhythm. Your children need to find a healthy pace and you need to discover what the best is for them.
  • Get to know your student.  While you think you know them and they think they know you, you will only begin to know each other after the honeymoon period ends. Spend time cooking, cleaning and playing educational games together.  Find what clicks for your child.  Through simple acts of shopping (adding up what's in the trolley) paying for groceries etc you will quickly learn where your student is performing mathematically. Going to a few museums will soon enlighten you on what they do or do not know. Read a few books and gain a feel for where their personal learning curve is.
  • Character Counts.  While at school our children are not always in the presence of someone in authority who has the same values that you do in your home.  It will take a while to reestablish good healthy habits and strong positive character.  Only by spending time with your child will you find out what they need help with.  Is it being kind ? Obedient ? Gentle ? Generous ? 
  • Have fun together :)
 Things to do before coming home
  • Find out about the laws in your country and fill out the correct paper work (Read Here for Australian requirements)
  • Find a mentor who will support and encourage you
  • Get a few books and educate yourself (here are my top 5)
  • Don't buy the first curriculum you find! Take some time to become acquainted with some of the methods and curriculum out there.  Remember Curriculum is your SERVANT not your master.
 On the Web
I have never had a student in the public system and only helped home educate two young friends for a limited time.  Please take some time to read what my friends have to share

This post is part of the Homeschool Help series brought to you by a group of home school Mom's from around the globe.  Do not forget to visit and read their inspirational insight.

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  1. Great advice, Chareen. It sounds like home-educating the former public school students was an interesting experience. I like how you link to other posts on the web.

  2. Oh, it's a whole different world!! Starting with Jude, who only spent a month in preschool was totally different than diving into 10th grade with Luke.

  3. Hi, stopping by your blog by way of the Let's Homeschool High School Blog Roll. This post reminds me of how terrified I was when I pulled my daughter from public school mid-year of her 1st grade year. I wish I had had the information you presented here then. Fortunately, I found a good mentor, and we have been successfully homeschooling for over 7 years now. Thanks so much for sharing this info with others who are at this beginning stage of homeschooling, it is a great service!


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