Saturday, 2 November 2013

HSMJ - The Zoo and Learning to Cook

In my life this week…
Gosh my kitchen has looked like a bomb has hit it for the last week.  I just do not seem to be getting a hold of it.  I guess that's what happens when you are learning a new way of preparing meals and trying out new things on a daily and meal by meal moment!  I will conquer this though I am determined.  On the upside though I am enjoying the new tastes and textures I am exploring.
TL - Waiting for the zoo bus
TR - Exploring giraffe bones
BL - Meeting the serval behind the scenes
BR - Berry / Yoghurt smoothie and Singing Canary

In our home school this week…
  • This week was a slow one.  We spent the week finishing off anything and everything that we hadn't completed.  
  • Rediscovered our library cards.
  • Borrowed some books on France, Mexico and Norway.
  • Spent the day at the zoo.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • This week we have done the usual. (Tennis & Kelly Sports)
  • Enjoyed a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend.
  • Had two special guests stay over night last night while their parents spent some time away in celebration of their tenth wedding anniversary.
My favourite thing this week was…
Questions/thoughts I have…
  • What's your favourite way of following a blog ?
  • Do you think this blog needs a new background ?
Things I’m working on…
In Bloggy world I’m reading…
I’m cooking…
I’m grateful for…
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  1. >>What's your favourite way of following a blog ?>>

    Love feedly

    I always think a change every now and then is good, not only for your readers but more importantly, for you.

  2. I'm a feedly user too - it's a great way to keep up with other bloggers.

    How do you like the singing canary? I haven't gotten around to that one yet. The Shrinker is my favorite (thought now that it's getting colder I want to try a hot version!)


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