Tuesday 26 November 2013

Our Favorite Picture Book Read-Alouds

Over the years I have shared some of the treasures that are on my shelves and some of the ones discovered during my frequent trips to the library in my Tuesday's Treasures posts. 

Looking for our favourites was a little difficult as we have so many we like to revisit. Isn't  that what living books are all about ?  Here are 6 of our recent favourites and some we often go back to
A Boy, A Dog & A Frog

I love this little book so much.  The line drawings are so beautiful. It was written more than 25 years ago and holds it's character so well.  It's one of those books that will be around for year s to come. This is the tale of a little boy and his dog and the adventures they get up to when they spot a frog on their fishing adventure. Can they catch him with their net ? I don't know you will need to get this little book to find out.

Pages 32 pages ISBN 13: 9780803728806 ISBN 10: 0803728808
Author: Mercer Mayer

A Country Far Away 
This is another treasure discovered this year at the library. It's written by Nigel Gray about the lives of two children on opposite sides of the world and shows how similar we really are.  Each page is divided in two the top half illustrates the one child's world and the bottom the other with the words of the story which are applicable to both running through the center.

Pages:32  ISBN 10:0980876028  ISBN 13:9780980876024
Author: Nigel Gray    Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier

 Katie and the Waterlily Pond
The Katie books are just beautiful books written and illustrated by James Mayhew.  In this book Katie discovers Five Monet Masterpieces on her magical journey.

Pages: 32 ISBN: 978-1-40830-464-8
Author  James Mayhew  Illustrator: James Mayhew

Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper
For rhyme and rhythm nothing beats a Lynley Dodd book along with Hairy Maclary.  His antics will have you giggling with your children. Her illustrations are marvelously mischievous. The pictures and words combine to tell the story, each picture contains vital information contributing to the story and invites exploration by the reader
Pages 31  ISBN 9780140508734
Author: Lynley Dodd Illustrator: Lynley Dodd

Look-Alikes - The More you Look the More you See!
This book is amazing. Joan uses everyday objects in ingenious ways to create three dimensional scenes. There are hundreds of look alike items to find on each and every page.  This book is guaranteed to keep you busy for days trying to discover each items double use.

Pages 32    ISBN 13: 9780316713481 ISBN 10: 0316713481
Author: Joan Steiner 

  Three Cheers for Inventors! 
This is a picture book for older studnets. This year I discovere the author illustrator Marcia Williams. This book is written in a comic format. She has written a few  with Shakespears plays, Charles Dickens, Robin Hood, Noah's Ark and The Iliad and the Odyssey to name a few.  We have loved all her books so far.

Pages: 40 ISBN: 140630171X ISBN 13: 9781406301717
Author  Marcia Williams  Illustrator: Marcia Williams

What are your families favourite picture books ?  I would love to know :)



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