Monday 20 January 2014

Social Studies & Science Resource Lists {Virtual Curriculum Fair}

Welcome to week three of the 2014 Virtual Curriculum Fair.  Today I'm sharing on Social Studies {History & Geography} and Science, both what we do and some of the curriculum that is available in the homeschool market to help you in these areas in your homeschool.

My personal passion is teaching/learning history chronologically. My reasons for this are: dates help us to anchor our learning and every single subject you learn happened somewhere in history.  The stories of history are my personal favourite and I have shared more thoughts on this  here: Teaching History Revisited

Over the years I have found that geography is one area that is mournfully neglected in the home school community.   There are a few ways of teaching this interesting subject after all everything that has ever happened in history happened somewhere in our amazing world!

I have also come to appreciate the value of hands on science learning and as a result I am purposing to do more experiential learning with Sir N. I have shared more thoughts on this in these two posts: Science in the Junior Years and Science in High School.

Our Year Ahead
In our homeschool we are following an eclectic approach this year incorporating a Charlotte Mason approach along with Delight Directed education and Sonlight

History / Geography


There are many many resources available to homeschool families in these areas.  If I started to add the lists here we will be reading for many years.  In order to make it easier I have compiled lists covering history, geography and Science.  Click on a subject graphic to access more information. 
You can find full internet linked lists covering Pinterest, Curriculum Choices, on the www, and freebies for the following subjects (click on the graphic to see the post)



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Some of these links will not be live until tomorrow due to time zone differences as these bloggers are from across the globe.

What are you using for Math and Logic this school year? Susan has invited you all to share what you are using and add your link to the linky


  1. I really like all the different books you have listed for both science and history. Maybe that's the approach I need to take with my daughter since I am so undecided on what to use for her and where to start. Going to have to go back and reread your other posts for each subject as well.

    1. It's so much fun to explore the world together with your children using living books :)

  2. Chareen, this is a GREAT list of resources! Thank you!

  3. Great book selections. We've read a few that you have on your list. We also follow a Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling.. Thanks for sharing..

    1. Thank you Lynn Isn't Charlotte Masons ideals such a great asset to the homeschool world

  4. We are using some of the same books for history this year. ;)
    Thank you for sharing this great list of resources!


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