Monday 24 March 2014

Australian Homeschool Bloggers

Calling all my Austalian Homeschool Blogger friends.  Have you heard about the Australian Homeschool Bloggers Group ?  This is a new group for bloggers supporting and encouraging each other via a group on Facebook.  We would love for you to join us.

  1. Do you have a home schooling blog?
  2. Are you wanting to connect, share, encourage and collaborate with other Australian Home School Bloggers? This group is for you.
  3. Your blog must reflect at least 80% home schooling, lessons, ideas, excursions etc.
  4. Your blog must be at least 3 months old and have consistent updates.
  5. We are seeking bloggers that love to blog, love to share, inspire and connect with the Australian Home Schooling community and bloggers that have a keen interest in growing their blogs and the Australian Blogging Community.
How To Join? 
Please send a message to Admin with your blog details.

If you would like to join my Australian Blog Friends page and be featured please leave a comment with your blog address for me on the page.

Looking forward to meeting fellow Aussie Homeschool bloggers


  1. Hi Chareen,

    I just went to your Australian homeschool blog page where you have listed my blog button, however you've got the old link. My new link is: There is code for my button in the sidebar of my blog.

    I love your group idea. We certainly need more Aussie homeschool bloggers. However, I don't Facebook but I'm happy to watch and benefit from the sidelines.

    Great idea by the way.

    Kind regards,
    Tracey (from Little Men in My Library)

    1. Thanks for the update to your button. I will update my page now :)

  2. Sounds like a great venture, to be honest I've been thinking all day, "will I, won't I". only have family on fb so would be a big decision for me to do. as I say, very tempted. Good on you for starting it:)

    1. Hope to see you there Erin :) Participation is not mandatory but it's a great way to network.

  3. Sounds brilliant I am in my friend!! As you know I am already a Facebook Troll!!!

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