Monday 12 January 2015

Math, Science and Logic for 2015

Welcome to week two of the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2015.  This weeks topic is Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and Science and our hosts for this week are

"Can I teach 
high school science?
As your student gets older, 
your role changes from 
teacher to fellow learner."

Math, Science and Logic tend to be the topics of dread in most home education circles.  I would however like to encourage you to approach them with interest and enthusiasm.  Your children will adopt your attitude as you introduce them to subjects.  These subjects have the ability to become your most inspiring and encouraging ones ever.  Remember you are laying the foundational attitudes towards these subject disciplines in the junior years.  What you sow now you shall reap in the highschool years ...
Our Year Ahead

Scope and Sequence
A little word on  scope and sequence as this is important to consider when changing the math program you are using. Scope refers to the content.  In other words these are the topics covered(A to Z)
Sequence is the order in which the scope is taught (IE the order in which things are covered within the program)
It is important to know this about your math product or you might end up redoing math your child is already familiar with or you might end up skipping a whole lot of important content that your child needs in order to succeed at math.

For science we will choose books from our very well stocked home library this year and will be working through Exploring Creation with Astronomy from Apologia.  We will be using the Astronomy Junior Notebooking Journal.  Once we have completed this we will begin Exploring Creation with Botany.

For hands on Science we shall continue with Science Activities, Vol. 1 

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This year we are following a delight directed, Charlotte Mason inspired discovery of science.  Here are some of the things we have done so far.  

Here are some Science Resources to explore
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 For Fun
 Krissy from over at Venspired created this fun science graphic.   Take a look and tell me what sort of science you are doing at the moment ?

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