Saturday 31 January 2015

Not Back to School Party Time

We had loads of fun at the annual Not Back to School Party yesterday.  We spent the day at the Geelong Adventure Park along with 350+ other home educators. 

This week also marks the beginning of the Australian school year and Kylie from over at Our Worldwide Classroom's annual Not Back to School online party. 

This year I will be co-hosting the with Kylie so please be sure to pop on over and say hello.  Kylie's blog is choc full of homeschooling goodness with FREE printables,  Australian Study information and much much more.

Meet Nathaniel he is my youngest child and the only one enrolled in our homeschool.
  • He is nine years old and loves to deconstruct items that no longer work and are about to be recycled.  
  • Nathaniel is passionate about all things in the film industry but his first love is airplanes.
  • He is currently designing a Jumbo-class plane and E4D (this is an improved home theater system). 
  • He loves to develop products and is also developing the Solifuge (a new type of vehicle).  
  • He is my test drive homeschool products and helps me to review home school products

You can read more about my family (Paul, Tim and Jane)  and what they are doing in my Meet My Family post from earlier in the week.

Best way to start a new school year!

We have three more weeks of the NBTS blog hop.  Next weeks topic will be Your Curriculum, plans for the year and resources.

If you have a blog and have blogged about your family please add your link here. Here is a button for you to add to your post so others can find us.

Our Worldwide Classroom

If you do not have a blog then I'd love to know more about your family please share in the comments below.




  1. Sounds like a fabulous gathering for your Not Back To School Party!

  2. Can't believe he is 9 already!
    Glad you're hosting too:)

  3. Great to 'meet' Nathaniel and looks like a great party!


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