Tuesday 5 May 2015

A Plus Interactive Math Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan {Review}

We first used A+ Interactive MATH Grade One two years ago and enjoyed our journey with A+ Interactive Math so much that when I heard about their all new Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan I was very keen to let Nathaniel use it. This math software specializes in identifying and closing learning gaps in math.  Once the need has been established via placement testing it generates an individualized lesson plan for the student addressing the learning gaps identified. A+ uses multi-sensory presentations to teach math.

A+ Interactive Math specialize in interactive Math Curriculum. They have lesson plans, automatic grading, interactive teaching, math worksheets, math review lessons, math tests and a full math curriculum covering Elementary to Algebra 1 math.

What we received
  • A three month online subscription to A Plus Interactive Math Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan for one student.
How we used it
Logging into A+ Interactive Math is super easy via their Homeschool Online Log in page. Our account from two years ago was still valid so we used that.

Getting started was really easy via their student dashboard.  The tutorials were easy to follow.  We jumped right in with taking an Adaptive Placement Test.

  • The test is run via a number of multiple choice questions.  
  • The top right has two clocks.  The top one shows the student how much time they have available for the whole test.
  • The second clock shows how much time has been allotted for the question you are currently working on.
  • The student has the option of skipping a question, clearing the answer or selecting an answer and clicking Save and Next.

Upon completing a test you are given immediate feedback of their results.
They can see
  • the total number of questions presented to them, the number of questions they correctly answered, they got incorrect and how many they did not even attempt.
  • A pie chart showing their results in percentage
  • A speech bubble explaining their results.
From here they return back to the dashboard in order to access their lesson plans. The lesson plan is auto-generated and based on their test results.

The individualized lesson plan has two areas: Multimedia Lesson with interactive Q & A and a Practice with Online Worksheets area.

 The lessons are arranged by concept being learned and in each concept folder is the lesson.  When you click on the lesson a short interactive lesson will play followed by an interactive Q & A to reinforce the lesson.

Once the student has completed their lesson plan they then retake the test. If they pass the test they will get the following report congratulating them on achieving a successful completion of the concepts presented.

They also receive a Completion certificate to print

They are also able to access a progress report

And a Summary Report 

Parent Log in
In the parent log in you are able to
  • manage all your student accounts 
  • view each students individual Progress Tracking. 
  • View individual student lessons and worksheets
  • View Student lesson plans
  • View Student Reports
  • Change Grade Levels
  • Add Students

Cost of Adaptive Placement Test & Lesson Plans
  • You can purchase a 3 month access plan for between 1 and 10 students here. Prices range between $29.99 for 1 student and $184.99 for 10 students.
  • You can purchase a full placement test on it's own here
  • For a limited time A Plus Interactive Math is offering a 50% to 71% on their Family Math Packages and Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons programs

Recommended Age Range
  • Elementary to Algebra 1

Connect with A Plus Interactive Math

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Read More about A Plus
One of the things I appreciate about A+ is the ability for my student to monitor and see their own progress.
As a parent I can access ALL the math and reporting for each student from one dashboard.

If you are looking for a program to help your student bridge any gaps they currently have in their math I highly recommend you take a look at  A Plus Interactive Math Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan


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