Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 {Review}

There's been much excitement around here lately.  Last year we were introduced to the Brinkman Adventures and after listening to season two we have been stalking their website and Facebook page in anticipation of Season 3

The Brinkman Adventures are the result of a vision and idea the Lord gave to Ian Bultman when he was away on a prayer retreat.

The vision was to create radio quality dramatizations retelling actual modern day missionary stories using the day to day lives of his own family (there are 10 children in his family).   Each of the children's names have been changed in the production but they all play themselves.

The aim of the series is one of changing lives and encouraging young people to become missionaries.

What we received
  • Episodes 25 to 36
  • MP3 Album
  • 24 files in a 599 MB zipped folder

How we used it
After downloading our MP3 file I extracted it and imported it into iTunes. We loaded it onto our iPod and enjoyed listening to the episodes on our family room sound system.
As before we were hooked and could not stop listening to the episodes!

Each episode has a follow up link on the website with more background information on the missionary story featured along with links to organizations and pictures of the actual people and events represented in the episode.

There are 12 episodes** in Season 3 and you can read more about the back-stories in the links below: 

**Episodes 1-12 are in Season 1 and episodes 13 - 24 are in Season 2.

We have enjoyed each and every episode in this season. One of the highlights for us happened in episode 31 and 32.  Earlier this year we read the biography of Nate Saint and in these two episodes we hear what happened to his son Steve Saint.  It was one of the most moving stories I have ever heard so much so that I cried...Steve Saint performed himself in each episode too.

One of the most encouraging aspects of listening to The Brinkman Adventures is hearing a family work through real every day life with the Lord. The way they pray together about everyday issues, read the Word of the Lord together, learn grow and play together have greatly encouraged and impacted our families way of living and walking with Jesus.  

 Cost of the Brinkman Adventures
Suggested donation purchase price
  • Set of 4 CD's $27.99
  • MP3 Album $17.99
The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis. You have the option of choosing your donation value.  ALL proceeds raised go towards funding new episodes and supporting missionaries around the world.

There are two sample episodes available for you to listen to online. Episode #1 is available to listen to at the bottom of the Fun Stuff page and episode #9  The Provider has it's own dedicated page.

You can watch behind the scenes recordings of the family recording the episodes on YouTube.

*All prices are quoted in US $ and are current at time of review. Please consult the Brinkman Adventures website for current prices

 Recommended Age Range
The stories are intended for family listening.

Over All I thought ...

If you are looking for the ultimate family Christmas gift look no further! The Brinkman Adventures is full of true to life drama, encouragement and inspiration for you and your family. Each episode has inspired us to find out more about the missions that are happening around the globe today.


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