Saturday 16 April 2016

Week 3 April {HSMJ}

The weather is cooling and autumn is beginning to show her lovely colours here in Melbourne. Unfortunately on this side of Melbourne there are very few deciduous trees so it's not really possible to appreciate the variety of autumn colour in all it's glory.  Paul and I joined another homeschooling family this week and took a drive over to the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens.  If you are in Melbourne I would encourage you to pack a picnic and go and take a look at the stunning autumn garden in all it's splendor.

I really hope that many families will read this: What We Mean When We Say We Need a Break She puts so much into perspective.  I think this is something partners should really discuss with one another :)

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In our home school this week…
  • We spent time watching the trilogy of movies The Note, The Note II and The Note III. So many many heart healing issues addressed and beautiful uplifting stories.
  • First time I've seen Flushed Away.  Cute movie.
  • We read Caterpillars and Butterflies 
  • Nathaniel is reading David Livingston the Explorer Missionary to Africa to me from Hero Tales.
  • We started a free trial of the Veritas Bible curriculum.
  • I'm learning to be more hands off and allowing Nathaniel to follow his passions and interests.  One of them is movies and projectors.  He has saved, worked for dollars and spent countless hours comparing projectors and finally purchased one for himself.  
  • It was time for his monthly orthodontic check up too.  The dentist is pleased with his progress.
  • We started the second book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Two Towers.  
  • A good homeschool friend recently introduced me to Stitcher.  This app allows you to either stream or download podcasts to your phone to listen to.  I'm so pleased.  Now I need to make time so I can listen to some great homeschool content.
  • The first podcast I listened to was from the Morning Basket: Plutarch 101.
  • I took Timothy to the airport as he is off on a three month adventure.

My favourite thing this week was…
I'm so very proud of my sister Nadeen. She has walked 60 kilometer's in order to fund raise to help end woman's cancer.  She is still in need of some once off donations in order to reach her goal.  Please take some time to consider donating and helping her reach her donations goal.  You can make an Australian tax deductible donation here: Participant ID: 131063-0.

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"Once Intellect admits us into the realms of History, we live in a great and stirring world, full of entertainment and sometimes of regret; and at last we begin to understand that we, too, are making History, and that we are all part of the whole; that the people who went before us were all very like ourselves, or else we should not be able to understand them. If some of them were worse than we, and in some things their times were worse than ours, yet we make acquaintance with many who were noble and great, and our hearts beat with a desire to be like them.” - Charlotte Mason


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  1. Those Autumn leaves are gorgeous against the blue sky, Chareen!!
    It's almost impossible to find any deciduous trees here in Brisbane so we have to drive almost 3 hours to Toowoomba. The weather hasn't cooled down enough yet for that though.

  2. As always love reading your links and thanks for sharing our Graduation Day :-)
    I haven't got your NZ story out of my head, find myself talking to everybody about it!!

  3. Here in New England we're just getting our trees to bud! The sun has just started peaking out but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fall time and all the pretty autumn colors... now if we could just skip winter I'd be one happy lady.


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