Wednesday 4 May 2016

7 Little Australians Photography Challenge for May

I'm so excited!  A few years ago when I was radically blessed with my very first DSLR.  We were on holiday in South Africa and wondering how on earth I was going to learn to use this amazing new blessing when Erin posted a photo challenge on her blog.  It was perfect.  I was forced to learn something new each week and I loved finding new ways to express the word in her challenge.  I'm so very thrilled Erin is hosing a photography challenge this month and I've decided to join in.  Each Wednesday I will share my photographic interpretation of the word on her list.

Day 1 - A Smile 

Smile ...
 Day 2 - High Angle

The trees are wearing their autumn colours

Day 3 - Daily Life 
Daily play time with our dog Pugsley

Blessings until new week Wednesday



  1. Oh beautiful Chareen, thanks for the encouragement and 'push' to host. I've a post up now to link to.

    This photo of Nathaniel is lovely.
    and your high angle shot is creative! Love it!!
    Oh my hope Pugsley doesn't swallow the ball :-)

    1. Thank you Erin :)

      Golf balls are the only balls that Pugsley does not destroy! A tennis ball does not last two minutes in his powerful jaws :/


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