Tuesday 31 January 2017

Usborne Illustrated Stories from Dickens {Tuesday's Treasures}

I really love the romance of a Charlotte Mason Education. When I think about Charlotte Mason and the Victorian era the author Charles Dickens spring to mind first. His linguistic style is beautiful to read and grows the imagination by the page. However his books are particularly long for younger students. I recently added this book to my library and Nathaniel and I have been enjoying the illustrated stories.

We have found Usborne Illustrated Stories from Dickens a great introduction to the story a good way to become familiar with the plot and because they are short we have been able to read a story in one sitting.

  • Format:  Hardback
  • Number of Pages:352
  • Publisher:Usborne Publishing Ltd
  • Publication Date:11 Apr 2014
  • ISBN 10:1409508676
  • ISBN 13:9781409508670
  • Author  
  • Illustrator: Barry Ablett
  • For ages 12-17 (this is recommended by the publisher but I would say this book is more for those under 12 )

The books contains:
  1. Oliver Twist
  2. Bleak House
  3. Great Expectations
  4. A Tale of Two Cities
  5. David Copperfield
  6. a short biography of the great author himself. 
You can take a peak within this book on Amazon.

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this review.
    I really wanted someone with a Charlotte Mason Education Viewpoint to review these shortened versions of the classics.
    We recently read the Usborne Illustrated stories form Shakespeare and really enjoyed it. So I am happy to hear that this one is also a good one, especially for younger kids.
    Thanks again.


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