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ArtAchieve {Review}

We are having a fabulous time exploring different parts of the world and expressing our exploration via art tutorials from ArtAchieve

What we received
The Crew have each been blessed with a year long access to different levels of ArtAchieve to work through.
As a Crew leader I was blessed with access to all four levels for this review and as such today I will be sharing a few samples from different levels.  To read more about a specific level please read reviews from the Homeschool Review Crew which can be found here:  Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}

How we used it
After logging in you will be taken to the lesson page which is arranged in levels.  In each level you will see the lesson number followed by the lesson name.  Each lesson name contains the country and name of the picture you will be making followed by a plus sign on the right. When you have selected your project, clicking on the plus will open a drop down menu.  In the menu you will find everything you need to do a project (PowerPoint Version, Printouts, Video Lessons)

For this lesson we used the PowerPoint version. Once you have loaded the lesson John shares a photo demonstrating the lesson in real life applications.  For example for this lesson he shows a picture of an owl and explains what the word Tessellation means. He encouraged students to find tessellations in real life around them and gave examples.  He then gave them a simplified lesson followed by an explanation of a Pentomino. One of the best parts of the program is how each lesson is fully expanded upon for Cross-Curriculuar Connections.  You can see an example here: Level II-Lesson 8: Tessellations: Repeating a Pattern to Create Original Art

Tessellations: Pentomino
 Here is another sample of some work we did with ArtAchieve. We decided to try our hand at a level III art lesson.  We did The Woodcarving from Kenya.  This one involved doing a silhouette and a background pattern. Here is the Cross-Curriculuar expanded lesson: Level III-Art Lesson 7: The Woodcarving from Kenya

It's okay not to like everything you draw.  Even famous artists do not like everything they create.
Remember to draw for yourself, not for your teacher or your classmates.
- John (ArtAchieve)
Here is a sample of the step by step instructions:

Here is Nathaniel's completed project:

Level III Woodcarving from Kenya

 Within the Cross-Curricular Connections John shares a number of things.  For example in this lesson he supplies links and ideas to cover:
  • Social Studies
  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Science
  • Literature
  • Dance

Level 1 Dragonfly from Ecuador.
 Here are a couple more of the projects we did:

For the Parent
The Czech Cat (Level 1-2)
Be sure to try a FREE lesson with ArtAchieve: FREE Level I-Art Lesson I-2: The Czech Cat

Cost of ArtAchieve
There are numerous options available for purchasing art lessons from ArtAchieve..
  • Entire Curriculum
  • Entire level (Currently Level 1 to 5)
  • Separate Bundles (3 lessons in each bundle)

Connect with ArtAchieve.

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Over All I thought ...
I love the variety of lessons and the fact that I do not need a lot of resources to accomplish beautiful art with ArtAchieve. I also appreciate the detailed step by step instructions for each and every lesson.


There is no right or wrong way to draw. One drawing is not better than another.  It's just different - because the people who are drawing are different - John (ArtAchieve)

German Nutcracker Drawings Level II

Nathaniel and I drew these

Laura, Belinda and Ethan drew these

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