Friday 9 March 2012

An afternoon at WORZ

Today was a wonderful day with an afternoon of exploring Werribee Open Range Zoo.

We started our afternoon with a Serval Presentation and behind the scenes encounter.
Next we took a bus trip through the grasslands.

In the Kubu reserve we had a look at hippo, the boat and hippo play area.

Next we had a look at the Tourist Hut with a murial painted by Graeme Base.

We spent a brief time exploring the Pula walk looking at lions, wild dogs and meerkats.

We then proceeded to the classroom area where we were able to see all sorts of animals being fed.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you had a very full, fun, day! We must visit the Werribee Zoo next time we're in Melbourne - some of us have been there, but I haven't, nor have my younger ones. Looks like a fantastic place! :)

    1. It was full of fun ! Definately a must next time you are down this way. I look forward to showing you around.

      PS the table is fixed so we can all sit down to a meal ;)

      Looking forward to catching up next time you are down. PS Plan for a full day at the Zoo.

  2. What an amazing learning experience! Love that you got to see and interact with so many animals up close. You are bleesed with so many wonderful learning resources around you:)

    1. Thanks for the reminder Jenn. I often take it for granted! Expecially because Paul works there I tend to forget that not many people get to go behind the scenes the way we do. :)

  3. Wow! Love how you put all those photos together! Looks like a great time. :)

    1. Thank you Tammy :) I take so many photo's when we go out and wanted a new way of putting them together. My friend Erin introduced me to a new program.
      I use FREE software Photoscape . Tutorial over at Great Fun 4 Kids. I am so pleased I found this software it's made making collages so easy !
      We did have lots of fun


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