Friday 4 January 2013

HSMJ - A New Year A New Beginning

In my life this week…
Happy New Year 2013 - (Free Animated gif-Download the Original size of this photo)
Happy New Year to you all! It's a new year and a new beginning.

This is a year I desire to become healthy and trim.  To aid me in my journey I have purchased Trim Healthy Mama.  I'm not an extreme health conscience make everything holistic kind of person but I do realize I need to make some changes that will suite my family too.
I am tired of feeling tired, cranky, in pain and I want NEED a change and it needs to be for me and no one else.... Now the waiting game begins .... counting down the days till the postie arrives with my new book :)

I had grand plans to start back to school this week but that did not happen the way I intended so we spent the week watching classic movies and reading the books we brought home from the library.
In our home school this week…
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I am inspired by…
  • Artistic people who create amazing buttons for blog hops and design back grounds for blogs.
  • Sally Clarkson who heart from One Heart to another this week.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
    • We visited friends and family this week.
    My favorite thing this week was…

    What’s working/not working for us…
    • these very hot days!  Today it has been 42'C (107.6 'F)

    Questions/thoughts I have…
    • How do you do it "all" and fit it 'all' in ?
    Things I’m working on…
    • Preparing to start a full week of school next week
    On My Bedside Table ...
    •  I've started reading Teaching the Trivium again.
    In Bloggy world I’m reading…
    I’m cooking…
    •  Nothing new this week
    On Pinterest I found...
    I’m grateful for…
    •  Those who support and encourage me daily

    A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


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    1. Wow!! 107?? Whew!!! We have been cold one day and hot the next here ;) I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and enjoy it! We started back a little this week but next week it's on full force! Have a blessed one!

      1. We had a wonderful weekend and you are right it was very hot we lived under the air conditioner ! This week school is going a little better :) and we now have 60 books at home from the library

    2. I have an answer for our question- How do you do it all or fit it all in? If your schedule is one that is focused and lean - you can. If someone appears to be here, there and everywhere, while also homeschooling and focusing ontheir children's lives - either they have a LOT of help, or what you are seeing isnot the full story. I used to buy into that...and try to be everywhere and with my kids - it's just not humanly possible. Stay focused on what God wants you to do for your family, do not compare and don't look at someone else's to do or accomplished lists and think they should be yours. They have a different family and a different purpose. I always enjoy reading your posts and pray you have a blessed New Year!

      1. Thanks Rebecca your answer is encouraging and spot on. I think I need to focus more on what we need to do rather than what it seems everyone else is doing and we might need to be doing. Focused is a good word. Thanks again for the encouragement !

    3. Happy New Year! I have the same goals for myself - getting healthy and fit. It's going to be difficult changes that need to be made I'm sure but they need to be done. Like you said for me and my family!

      1. Happy New Year to you too Meg! One day at a time is best I'm learning at the moment. Some days are good some not so good.

    4. No one does it "all" - it just sometimes looks that way from the outside. I remind myself of that often, and laugh when others ask me how I do it "all"!
      And yay for getting healthier! I'm working on that this year, too. My weight is fine but that's just genetics; I have some unhealthy habits I need to break!

      1. so true Jamie it takes courage not to look and compare and I think that's the mistake I often make. What seems like "all" is not always an accurate reflection.


    5. All the best with your get healthy and fit goals for 2013! I've got some too, continuing fro 2012. (The 50 pounds I wanted to lose in 2012 was only 30, but I'm still lighter, right? LOL)

      Could you send about 20 degrees our way? Gosh, it's been chilly! Our lows have been -2 to -12 at night and around 10-15 during day highs. I'd like to reach 32 degrees again! Shiver!

      1. Yikes that is cold! You are welcome to those 20' anytime!

        Yay to finding out your goal is a lot closer than you thought way to go ! Looking forward to reading about your progress :)

    6. I can't do it all either! It's been a painful realization for me :-) Good luck with your New Year's Resolution!!

      1. Thanks I am learning I need to take baby steps and make better choices :)

    7. I really do enjoy these posts, and I always follow your links and find some goodies:)

      1. Your comment made me smile thank you Erin :) I so enjoy discovering things and sharing them

    8. 107*?!?!? That is crazy. We are freezing here though, literally 32* ;) A happy median would be nice! And son did his research paper this week on bandicoots. I had never even heard of them, honestly! SO funny to see you mention them too :).

      1. Wow Leslie that is a great co incidence :) Amazing. The thing I enjoy about here is that more often than not it will not be too many days in a row that it stays hot. Blessings

    9. Good luck in your quest for better health. I know where you are. I am right there with you and have been for many years. As always, thanks for linking up to Its a Wrap. My site was down last week, but it is up and running now. I hope you'll return.

      1. hello
        Good to know others on the same journey. :) Would love to link up with you this week. What's your post link ?


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