Thursday 6 May 2021

Encouragement for Weary Homeschooling Mothers

Welcome to week five of blogging through the alphabet. Today my co-host Desiree is sharing E is for Easy and I am writing a letter to weary homeschooling mothers.

Dear Homeschooling Mother who is feeling weary...

You are not alone.  We have all been there.  Sadly not very many of us feel we can voice our weariness.  Weariness is one of the early warning systems on our journey that we need to change something. However if we do not we are plowing headlong into homeschooling burnout.  

**Please be aware this post is not intended as medical advice.  If you’re experiencing serious or prolonged issues with depression, please see your doctor for support and advice.

 Weariness a word study

To better understand and address weariness I found it helpful to look up the definition...
  • physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion or strain. (
  • Characterized by or causing dissatisfaction.
  • a reluctance to see or experience any more of something.
  • having one's patience, tolerance or pleasure exhausted (Merriam-Webster)
  • the state of being bored with something because you have experienced too much of it. - Cambridge Dictationary
  • Being physically or mentally tired. (The Free Dictionary)

As a parent we vigilantly look over our children.  We watch them for signs of hunger, fatigue or illness.  However as mothers we neglect to watch ourselves for these very same things.  The consequence of this is, that we become over taxed and then want to quit or we enter into the realms of depression and exhaustion.  We need to become more self aware and self evaluative as we carry many many roles and responsibilities within our homes. Every single thing you do is saving your family money, and contributing to their wellness.

Homeschooling is both physically and mentally taxing and is not often talked about within the homeschooling community.  This is why it's important to surround yourself with healthy friendships and great community.

 5 things to do to overcome Weariness

  1. Find your own rythym. Stop playing the comparison game, it will sap the life out of your homeschool. Find what works for your family and stick to that.  Do NOT change the method that is working, as the old adage goes there is no need to fix it if it is not broken. This is true in the highschool years too.
  2. Remain committed to being true to yourself. - Stop comparing what you are doing to what other homeschooling families are doing.  Remember social media and blogs are not a true reflection of what others are doing nor are they a a list of "I need to do this in order to succeed..." It is better to do a little with excellence than a multitude of things incompletely.
  3. Time alone is important.  By this I do not mean a retreat or isolation.  I'm talking about creating space for each and every member of your household. There are many benefits for ever single person in your home if you incorporate this aspect into your homeschooling.  Take a read of How Important is Alone Time and Homeschooling for more information.
  4. Do something to fill yourself, because you can't give what you don't have. Think of something to do that replenishes you body, soul and mind. Stop creating reasons as to why you can't and make it a point to do it.  Your family and your homeschooling need it.
  5. Choose your support/mentor network carefully.  You need support and the people you are surrounding yourself with are a far greater infulence than you release.  Choose those who leave you feeling encouraged and supported.

 Charlotte Mason advised the teacher to replenish her soul with a continual supply of ideas. ...stimulates your educational thought in many directions and keeps you from drifting into mere routine... Do not think this is a selfish thing to do, because the advantage does not end with yourself."

For more encouragement read

What are some tips that you have found useful when feeling overwhelmed or weary?



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  1. This speaks to me so much right now as we wrap up our school year. I am weary and ready to give up everything, and I'm trying to hold on. I know things will slow down soon and we'll have some slower days of summer, but I need to follow this advice until we get there. I am not good at remembering to take care of myself. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. You are welcome. The slower days of summer are an excellent way to replenish your batteries for the coming homeschooling year.

  2. Very good information. I am no good to my family if I don't get a least a little bit of "me" time every day. It helps to clear my brain.

    1. Neither am I. It took a very long time to learn to step aside and not feel guilty. It is not selfish it's a benefit to my entire family.

  3. The word study of weariness is quite telling and caught me by surprise. It is so easy to be in that place and not even know it. Thank you for the encouragement so many of us need.

    1. I agree it was rather eye opening. I need to remind myself to take the time I need. I too was surprised when I did the word study.

  4. the comparison game is so exhausting.... It's good when you finally realize you aught not do it. :)

    1. I agree. It took me over a decade to realise I was even doing it. And many many more years before my condidence grew enough not to do it though.


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