Sunday, 18 March 2012

Performance Acceptance Addict

I received an email from Heather over at Raising Mighty Arrows who will be doing a special post next Monday (26 March) inspired by the YouTube clip: Oh How He Loves Us Cardboard Testimony. I had never heard of a cardboard testimony before but have been encouraged and inspired.

The challenge: write a testimony of 10 words ....
There is so much He has done in my life over the years it was really hard.  I settled on my recent journey with HIM.

Chareen: Performance Acceptance Addict 
----->  setting my eyes on Him.

Remove the things devoted to Destruction

You can not stand before your enemies
until you take away from among you 
the things devoted [to destruction]. 

As I read these words I became aware there are many things in my heart that still need to be destroyed before I can become victorious in my walk with the Lord.

As I meditated on this verse I became aware of His current work in me and His challenge for me to be true to myself and who HE has made me to be.

IF I don't I will not be able to stand before my enemies {self doubt, inadequacy, discontentment, performance acceptance, insecurity, ... }.

I need to take away from myself this addiction of trying to find acceptance through my performance {as a mother, a homeschooler, ...} and set my eyes on HIM and trust Him with my heart and lean not on my own understanding.

I just wanted to encourage you, you are not just a MOM you are a daughter (sons) of the King and as such you are Princesses and worthy.  So my friends BE TRUE to YOURSELF and reflect the King.

I leave this song with you that speaks to my heart about the depth of HIS gift to me through HIS life.

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