Sunday 8 July 2012

It was a Firetastic Day

Yesterday we had the most amazing day!  It was full to over flowing with experiences !

The day started with a friends Fireman themed birthday party.  It was so much fun seeing all the little people enjoying the wonderful food and fellowship.

After a good play together we all headed to the local CFA firestation to meet the people who work there.

As we arrived at the station this truck returned from being out.

They graciously opened all the side compartments for us to have a look at and took out a breathing kit for the children to touch.
Then it was time to hold a hoze and play with some water !  Every little fireman's dream.

Sir N had such a delightful time and so did I watching him learn through experience.  I have spent the day looking through Pinterest to find some ideas to help me do a follow up week on fire safety.  In January we made finger firefighters which was super easy and fun.

Have you visited your local fire station (department) and what have you used to teach fire safety in your home ?

In Sir N's words:  "Mom, it was a Firestastic Day!"


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